2013 Annual General Meeting

The 2013 TINZ Annual General Meeting was held at held at Archives New Zealand on the 19th of November, 2013. This meeting was preceded by a Special General Meeting to ratify updated Rules of Transparency International New Zealand and followed by several speakers during the public event.

At the board meeting Murray Sheard was elected to another term as director and Suzanne Carter and Stephanie Hopkins were formally elected for their first terms. Fuimaono Tuiasau and David McNeill were elected to join the board for a first term starting 1 December.

Departing Director Murray Petrie

The TINZ board is saying goodbye to Murray Petrie and Dr. Peter Perry. Murray was a founding member of TINZ and served on its board continuously since 1999 including terms as Chairman, Co-Chair and Deputy Chair. Murray is co-author of the TINZ Integrity Plus New Zealand 2013 National Integrity System Assessment. Peter began his association with TI in the mid-1990s as the New Zealand national contact person prior to the founding of TINZ. We thank both for their years of dedicated service.


Dame Silvia Cartwright

Dame Silvia Cartwright

Andrew Little

Andrew Little

Hon Judith Collins

Hon Judith Collins

Keynote speaker Minister of Justice Hon Judith Collins welcomed the impending release of Transparency International New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment. Minister Collins said "the Government values its close working relationship with Transparency International New Zealand and looks forward to working through the reportís recommendations."  Visit beehive.govt.nz for the full text of her speech.

TINZ was honored to have Dame Silvia Cartwright former Governor General and international judge in the trial chamber of the Cambodia tribunal (officially the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia) for our Keynote Speaker.  Dame Silvia spoke about her experiences in Cambodia where while there is every appearance of a democratic system with important human rights instruments ratified and embedded in the constitution there is minimal de facto implementation and corruption is a way of life.

Chair of the New Zealand chapter of GOPAC, the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption, Andrew Little concluded the evening inviting ongoing engagement between TINZ and Gopac. Andrew is the Labour party spokesperson on Labour and Justice. His speech notes can be viewed here.

New Members

The following Provisional Members approved by the Board were granted full membership of the Society;


  • Crown Law
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs


  • Earthquake Commission
  • Frank Deliu
  • Gary Brown
  • Hope Brokers Inc Ltd
  • Society for Promotion of Community Standards Inc


  • Adam Hunt
  • Avon Adams
  • Cherry Skinner
  • Chris LaHatte
  • Chris Livesey
  • David Butcher
  • David Clarke
  • David McNeill
  • David Smyth
  • Ele Ludemanne
  • Evan Bydder
  • Fuimaono Tuiasau
  • Gay Cox
  • Graeme Edgeler
  • Greg Crowther
  • Jenny Brash
  • John Winter
  • Jonathan Dunn
  • Julian Inch
  • Lancinne Patira
  • Len Salt
  • Michael Rabson
  • Michael Wearne
  • Peter Collins
  • Rachel Tangier
  • Richard Guy
  • Robert Sahakian
  • Stephanie Hopkins
  • Susan Sahakian
  • Suzanne Carter
  • Todd Krieble
  • Tony Ellis


  • Hassan Haji Ibrahim
  • Kirsty de Meyer


Recent Activity

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Public Sector Integrity Media Release
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