TINZ Welcomes Janine McGruddy and Josephine Serrallach to the Board

Janine McGruddy

Janine McGruddy is a proud public servant, passionate about transparency, good governance and ‘talking truth to power’ and above all the importance of the role an apolitical, independent, professional public service plays in a strong democracy.

She is the Convener of the Wellington Spring Network, developed as an independent space for public servants to collaborate, innovate and foster a progressive public service that takes pride in serving the New Zealand public.

While working in the public service she has gained a Masters of Strategic Studies from the Victoria University School of Government and two papers at the 2013 International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) Conference one on Talking Truth to Power for the Intelligence Analyst and the other on Multilateral Intelligence Collaboration and the need for Oversight. Her focus as a Director for Transparency International New Zealand is on the growing perception of political corruption in the Public Service, bullying as a form of corruption and strengthening support for the Office of the Ombudsman as an invaluable check and balance as recommended by the Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment Recommendations.

Dr. Josephine Serrallach

Josephine Serrallach was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, and has a degree in Economics by the University of Barcelona. Arriving in New Zealand she earned a PhD at Massey University. Josephine has also a background in Policy Development and Commercialisation of Intellectual Property. Among other roles, she worked for several years as New Technology Manager at Massey University and later as Intellectual Property Manager at Victoria Link, the commercial arm of Victoria University of Wellington, where she was responsible for licensing intellectual property and starting spin-off companies, having been the catalyst for the foundation of Magritek, now a successful company in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

Josephine was Director of the New Zealand Pavilion at the Expo-92 in Sevilla, Spain.

Josephine is currently self-employed and is a Company Director. She has a certificate in Company Direction and is a member of the Institute of Directors of New Zealand.

Outgoing Director Fiona Tregonning

Outgoing Director Ian Tuke

Two Directors who are not seeking re-election are Fiona Tregonning and Ian Tuke. They are both strong examples of the combination of intellectual commitment, focused effort and time that volunteer members of the TINZ Board contribute in support of building strong integrity systems. As well as their individual gifts to TINZ, their firms, Bell Gully and Deloitte, have been generous to a fault in making available meeting rooms, conference call facilities, planning materials, catering, professional services, administration including processing RSVPs for events and/or as additions to the TINZ database.

Fiona Tregonning has brought her sharp brain and acute eye to the review of any formal material written by or for TINZ, to the provision of material for the annual OECD Exporting Corruption Report, to the free online anti-corruption training and to shaping TINZ governance and ethics policies. Regardless of how busy her own professional work is, Fiona has provided TINZ with timely strategic advice to deepen and strengthen its capacity.

Ian Tuke’s knowledge of laws, regulations and anti-corruption policy that applies to businesses and other organisations is based on expertise shaped by experience.  His attention to the detail when adapting the online anticorruption training to actual New Zealand conditions has ensured that the training is relevant and those who take the time to do the training come away with knowledge to respond to new situations in a manner that maintains and strengthens business integrity.


Recent Activity

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State Services Commission took a very positive step in addressing a key recommendation of TINZ's Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment by advertising a role for Deputy Commissioner, Integrity, Ethics and Standards. 11 May, 2017

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