Peruvian Jose Carlos Ugaz Sanchez-Moreno New Chair of Transparency International

Bribery Prevention

Lawyer Jose Ugaz was elected as the new Chair of Transparency International on 20 October 2014 at its Annual Members meeting.

During pre-selection interviews with representatives of the Pacific TI Chapters in Berlin, Jose was honest about his limited knowledge of the Pacific, tending to look east from Peru. At the dinner following his election, he made a special point of telling Pacific Chapter Chairs, Fiji”s Donaisano Ruru, New Zealand’s Suzanne Snively and PNG’s Lawrence Stephens, that he would pay attention to the issues in the Pacific including a tour of the region early in his role as TI Chair.

Jose takes over from Canadian, Huguette Labelle who has been the Chair for the last 9 years.  TI has had three chairs in its history with the first Chair, Peter Eigen, who with Huguette will continue as Individual Members.

Jose is an outstanding lawyer, having been ranked as the number one lawyer in Peru in 2002 and in the top six over the next six years. Since 2008, he has been a member of the International Anticorruption Conference (IACC) Council. As an Individual Member of Transparency International, he represented TI at the International Convention Against Corruption in Washington DC in 2010. Elected as a Director at the 2011 Annual Members meeting, Jose has been on the TI Board for the last three years.

Over the years, Jose has supported many national and international TI activities, from police reform efforts in Honduras, summer schools for youth against corruption in Lithuania and Russia and working as an expert member of the working group that prepared the handbook for practitioners in Asset Recovery. He has also presented in many countries on money laundering, to the UNCAC General Assembly, the Bar Association, Chaired the TI No Impunity Initiative and was keynote speaker at UNCAC at Panama in 2013.

Jose is particularly well known for his time in jail for his anti-corruption activities related to the former Peruvian President Fujimora and Montesinos cases, covered by his book "Caiga quien Caiga". As a result of his legal proceedings, key politicians were jailed.

Jose's term continues until the Annual Members Meeting in 2017; having been first elected to the TI board in 2011, Jose is eligible for up to nine years as Chair.


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