New Zealand to Host TI Melanesian Chapters

Transparency International New Zealand is hosting a meeting of the Melanesian chapters of the Pacific the first week-end in September.

Chairs and Executive Officers from TI chapters of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Fiji will be in Wellington for three days discussing how they intend to spearhead anti-corruption efforts in their countries over the next five years.

They will spend time sharing their tools and experiences in fighting corruption and agreeing on priorities taking into account each country's own unique challenges.

New Zealand Aid is a substantial contributor of core funding to these chapters, providing them with the resources to to employ staff and run an office. NZAid has supported the Pacific TI chapters for the past 9 years and recently committed to continue its support for at least another 5 years.

TINZ deputy chair Claire Johnstone notes that "The progress that has been made to date In the four countries is remarkable.

Whether it is providing information on what corruption is, or observing elections, or advocating for transparent processes - the work the chapters do has long term impact. But without the help of NZAid the chapters would struggle to exist."

It is also our hope to establish additional TI local chapters within the region.


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