The Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Legislation Bill Introduced

Transparency International New Zealand notes the introduction of the Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Legislation Bill into Parliament on 25 June.

This bill is long awaited. One of its purposes is to make the legislative changes necessary to enable New Zealand to finally ratify the United Nations Convention against Corruption and to more fully comply with other international conventions such as the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.

TINZ will be evaluating the content of the Bill to assess whether it provides the necessary update to New Zealand's anti-corruption legislation. We are hopeful that this legislation will appropriately address New Zealand's international commitments and the recommendations of the TINZ Integrity Plus New Zealand 2013 National Integrity System Assessment and will operate to further strengthenNew Zealand's intolerance of bribery and corruption.

The Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Legislation Bill is available online through the website. The Regulatory Impact Statement is available here.

Media coverage: The bill - and in particular New Zealand Bankers' Association expression of support - has received broad coverage in New Zealand and abroad. Read Minister Judith Collins' media release and as reported in the New Zealand Herald.


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