Report from the Transparency International AMM

Lynn McKenzie

Lynn McKenzie
TINZ Executive Director.

Lynn McKenzie, TINZ Executive Director, represented TINZ at the TI AMM and the 16th IACC in Putrajaya, Malaysia from 30 August through 4 September.


  • TI AMM – 97 TI chapters voted and there are 30 Individual Members – giving global reach, scale, scope and impact of our work
  • Attending the 16th IACC
  • Intellectually stimulating, scale and scope of the work of TI chapters and those working in the anti-corruption space
  • From both the conference and the IACC the call for more transparency through:  
    • database of “exposed persons”
    • disclosure of “beneficial interests”
    • protecting the whistle blower
    • ending Impunity – Conference Theme
    • establishing a Business Ombudsmen – Ukraine and Columbia
    • TI UK’s Corruption on your Doorstep looks at how corrupt money is used to buy property in the UK by analysing data from the Land Registry and Metropolitan Police Proceeds of Corruption Unit. For example, 36,342 London properties totalling 2.25 square miles are held by offshore haven companies.
  • Opportunity to meet with the Pacific and Australian Chapters
  • Realising New Zealand’s situation is not unique – “Yellow Zone” countries focused on:      
    • prevention
    • private sector engagement
    • advocacy and influence
    • all with limited funding.
  • Do what you say you’ll do – Malaysia’s Prime Minister facing a corruption crisis and allegations that he received about USD 700 million in government money. He was scheduled to open the IACC – he did not.

Imagine a global gathering of people united in their quest for a corruption free world. Ethnicity, language, age and religion matters not. People gathered together to exchange ideas, to be stimulated by amazing speakers, and to see films showing the effects of corruption described in graphic detail.

While there were 97 accredited chapters that could vote, there were more than 100 countries represented, along with around 26 of the 30 individual members. The TI Annual Membership Meeting was 31 August to 1 September with the Asia Pacific Division meeting the day before. TI members came from all parts of the world including: Rwanda, Turkey, Lebanon, Mongolia, Ukraine, Pakistan, China, Greenland, Bhutan, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Chile.

Then, from 2 September, over 1,000 delegates from 130 countries met for the 16th IACC representing anti-corruption civil society groups, government and UN agencies, and the private sector. The conference theme was Ending Impunity – people, integrity, action.

Overlay this with the political and financial crisis in Malaysia, with the Prime Minister having over USD 700 million in his personal account.

José Ugaz, TI’s President, spoke at the opening ceremony of the IACC, noting that Malaysia's commitment towards fighting corruption cannot be taken seriously as long as it did not explain who paid the money, why, and what happened to it. "We want to see more progress [from Malaysia] but that cannot happen while there are unanswered questions about the USD 700 million that made its way into the Prime Minister's personal bank account," said Ugaz.

He said in recent weeks, the Attorney-General “who was critical of the government” was replaced, the task force probing into 1 Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) was suspended, investigators were‎ arrested, and newspapers suspended. "These are not the actions of a government that is fighting corruption.”

See more at:malaysia-must-explain-us700-million-donation.

The stage was set!

TINZ members attending were Chair Suzanne Snively, Director Josephine Serrallach and Executive Officer Lynn McKenzie. Sir Anand Satyanand, newly appointed member of the TI Advisory Group, attended the TI AMM.

Pacific Chapter Representatives 2015 IACC

Pacific Chapter Representatives 2015 IACC From the left: Joseph Veramu (TI Fiji), Kate Hanlon (TI Secretariat), Peter Batchelor (UNDP), Lawrence Stevens (obscured, TI PNG), Suzanne Snively (TINZ), Josephine Serrallach (TINZ), Emily George Taule (TI PNG), Lynn McKenzie (obscured, TINZ), Sir Anand Satyanand (TI Advisory Council) and Willie Tokon (TI Solomon).

TINZ Representation Suzanne Snively Lynn McKenzie Josephine Serrallach

TINZ representation at IACC: Suzanne Snively, Lynn McKenzie, and Josephine Serrallach.

session 3,3 v1

Session from IACC


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