Sarah Mead, Suzanne Snively and David McNeill at Fraud Film Festival courtesy zandaphotography

Sarah Mead, Auckland TINZ event coordinator; Suzanne Snively, TINZ Chair; and David McNeill, TINZ Director at Fraud Film Festival - courtesy zanda photography

New Zealand’s Fraud Film Festival well received

Last month, Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ), together with ten private and public sector co-sponsors, launched the first Fraud Film Festival in Auckland. It coincided with November’s International Fraud Awareness Week. The event follows the success of the Dutch festival, which is now in its third year.

Judith Collins, then Minister of Corrections, Police and the SFO, opened the event emphasising the importance of such a unique event in New Zealand. There was a packed house of close to 500 people from the counter-fraud industry and members of the public.

The inaugural selection of films reflected the themes of the Festival – cybercrime, dishonesty, corruption and investigative journalism. It was brimming with documentaries that offered real-life perspectives on fraud, many of which proved the adage that truth is stranger than fiction.

Highlights in the programme included ‘Deep Web’ which explored the murky world of the online black marketplace Silk Road, and ‘The Captain and the Bookmaker’ which covered the match-fixing case with South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje.

Following the films, there were panel discussions between influential individuals with personal experience in the field, such as Valerie Adams (Olympian), Julie Read (Director – SFO) and Matt Nipert (Investigations Reporter – NZME).

The winner of the first Anti-Fraud Award in the Southern Hemisphere was also announced, with Bronwyn Groot from BNZ being publicly recognised for her work in protecting the elderly from the risks of scams and fraud.

TINZ Chair, Suzanne Snively, commented, “This festival was a unique way of shining light on the dark places that hide knowledge and inhibit our ability to prevent fraud and corruption. It was a wonderful opportunity for TINZ to work with private and public sector organisations to share our vision of a world comprised of trusted integrity systems in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.”

The Festival was made possible by a dedicated team of organisations that came together to deliver the event. TINZ looks forward to being involved in the next Fraud Film Festival, which will hopefully be held in Auckland next year.


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