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The release of the Panama Papers resulted in a flood of media activity with Transparency International, the Corruption Perceptions Index and Transparency International New Zealand being quoted and interviewed at an unprecedented level in New Zealand. Here are some of the more informative articles.


Editorial: NZ and China can settle on extradition

China suspends G20 anti-corruption task force - sources


Despite court order, PNG's anti-fraud unit ordered to close

Transparency International New Zealand

Unrelated to the Panama Papers

YouTube Video of Suzanne Snively at the Tackling Poverty NZ workshop December 2015

Suzanne Snively on transparency and anti-corruption measures and their role in reducing poverty

The price of a good name — Suzanne Snively Interview by Patrick Smellie


Unaoil bribery scandal: New Zealand shell company linked to Unaoil scandal

There’s A Huge New Corporate Corruption Scandal. Here’s Why Everyone Should Care

Authorities in Monaco raid oil firm HQ in corruption investigation

Panama Papers - TINZ

Panama Papers reports featuring Transparency International New Zealand

'This isn't simply about tax... it's about how we look' Televison report including Suzanne Snively interview

Panama Papers called 'huge blow' to NZ's reputation

Panama Papers tax haven leak blow to NZ 'corruption-free' image, says Transparency

NZ urged to act on Panama Papers

Govt ignored foreign trust threat for over 15 years – TINZ

Ali and Willie talk with Tim Goodrick from KPMG and Transparency International about the Panama Papers

"Tax Haven" structures risk damage to well being

Panama Papers: New Zealand's trusted reputation demands changes to foreign trust rules

Panama Papers Fallout: New Zealand Starts Probe into Foreign Trusts

Panama Papers - International

International reports and reaction on the Panama Papers Website all about tax havens

United States: U.S. readies bank rule on shell companies amid "Panama Papers" fury

Transparency International calls for immediate action by world leaders to stop secret companies

Panama Papers: global tax officials to launch unprecedented inquiry

Blaze of Sunshine on Secretive Offshore Businesses — Time for Beneficial Ownership Transparency Huffington Post

Panama Papers and the United States Following the release of the Panama Papers and the public outrage that followed, Transparency International-USA has set up a web-page to explain the Panama Papers and anonymous companies and also how this affects ordinary people in the United States.

Money laundering: New law planned to target corrupt officials

More countries sign up to beneficial ownership transparency

Panama Papers expose UK role in global corruption

Secret company ownership: A global solution for a global challenge

'So what if Putin is corrupt?': Russia remains unmoved by offshore revelations

UK says more countries join plan to tackle tax evasion


Yes, there are legitimate uses of shell companies They still shouldn’t be secret

3 steps to stop secret companies

Panama Papers and the United States — What Can You Do? Transparency International-USA is advocating for an end to secret companies because it allows corruption to flourish

Authorities press for transparency in wake of Panama Papers

Panama Papers

Selected articles related to the Panama Papers and New Zealand

Welcome to NZ — 100% Pure tax haven Leak exposes the blind eye government is happily turning

New Zealand to Review Foreign Trusts in Wake of Panama Papers

No Legitimate Reason for Secretive New Zealand Trusts

'This isn't simply about tax... it's about how we look'

The Panama Papers and New Zealand's Politically-Exposed Persons

New Zealand is not Panama

Leak leaves stain on New Zealand's name Whatever denials Govt makes, NZ will struggle to shake the tax haven tag, reports Hamish Fletcher.

Mike's Minute: The Panama Papers

Govt can help put boot into tax dodgers

Media Beat Up Tim Fookes - Opinion

Key's vision – Switzerland south

NZ is not a tax haven

The Panama Papers, NZ and 'tax haven' ridiculousness

Ron Pol says 'tax haven' misses the point: New Zealand’s reputation offers a competitive advantage, and opportunity

PM on shaky ground over weak tax rules

Tax for the goose and the gander Heather du Plessis-Allan

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The War on wealth Bryce Edwards

Ten days down the road on Panama papers and NZ is still stalled

Govt serving interests of the rich

Pattrick Smellie: We'll miss trust after it's gone

Govt must close down offshore trust rort

Shamubeel Eaqub: Panama Papers show NZ is complicit in criminal behaviour

New Zealand to Review Foreign Trusts' Transparency

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said that the revelation that hundreds of world leaders have been storing assets in offshore accounts shows the need for more relaxed banking laws.

Panama papers: Mossack Fonseca 'bragged about lax New Zealand tax rules'

Kiwi at heart of Panama Papers leak 'certain' New Zealanders will be named interview with NBR,

New Zealand Continuing Tax Reform Push IRD Suggested Changes before Panama Papers

NZ linked to global tax evasion scheme

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Website of the consortium of journalists researching the Panama Papers

Ross Henderson: New Zealand's tax haven reputation an embarrassment

Tax havens aren't the problem, the lack of transparency is

Panama papers: Government under attack

You say tax haven, I say corruption port. Welcome to New Zealand

John Shewan joins Checkpoint

New Zealand Foreign Trusts: Chickens Coming Home to Roost

New Zealand cartoons about tax, transparency and the Panama papers

Political roundup: Remember Dirty Politics? Bryce Edwards

Foreign trusts hiding darker secrets than tax avoidance, says expert

John Shewan on Radio NZ (transcript)


Recent Activity

Protect our whistleblowers
Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) is calls for better whistleblower protection. 8 Aug, 2017

Auditor General resignation requires transparency
Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) calls on Parliament to release the report by Sir Maarten Wevers that lead to the resignation of Auditor-General Martin Matthews. 5 Aug, 2017

TINZ applauds decline in foreign trusts
Government implementation of tougher disclosure requirements for foreign trusts have led to around 75% discontinuing or exiting New Zealand. 9 Jul, 2017

Public Sector Integrity Media Release
State Services Commission took a very positive step in addressing a key recommendation of TINZ's Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment by advertising a role for Deputy Commissioner, Integrity, Ethics and Standards. 11 May, 2017

Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 TINZ media release
Transparency International 25 Jan, 2017