OpenOwnership: The Global Beneficial Ownership Register

Open Ownership

Corruption, money laundering, fraud, tax evasion and crime via the use of anonymous companies is a global problem and needs a global solution. The OpenOwnership Register provides that solution.

The OpenOwnership Register will:

  1. Aggregate information from multiple public registers, and make it available for free to all in an easy-to-use interface, allowing powerful global searches
  2. Provide a platform for collection of beneficial ownership data, both for companies to self-report their beneficial ownership, and to provide a technical backend for these countries/government agencies/organisations to collect beneficial ownership data
  3. Create a global data standard for beneficial ownership, enabling such data to be interoperable, more easily reused and of higher quality

Why do we need the OpenOwnership Register?

  1. It de-silos the data . Beneficial ownership information is, by its nature, data about networks (of companies and control), and these networks often span multiple countries and multiple industries. By combining the data in one place the data is more useful and more accurate
  2. It removes the technical barriers for collecting beneficial ownership information. By providing a common platform it will drastically reduce the costs and difficulty of collection and reuse, for both governments and companies
  3. It means that the information is natively available as open data in a standardised form, making the information more useful, more comparable, and more usable
  4. It improves the utility for end users, providing a user-friendly view on complex data
  5. It helps create new norms, for corporate ownership transparency is to be a requirement for all legitimate businesses in the modern world


  • November 2016 Official start of project
  • November 2016 Project site launches
  • December 2016 First meeting of Data Standard Working Group
  • January 2016 Private beta of register
  • February 2017 Public launch of the public beta
  • March 2017 Launch of the first universal and open data standard for beneficial ownership information | openownership |

Support & Funding

The Global Beneficial Ownership Register is an initiative to create a free and open beneficial ownership for the public benefit to tackle corruption, money laundering and the use of companies for criminal purposes. OpenOwnership is driven by the leading transparency NGOs: Transparency International, Global Witness, ONE, the Web Foundation, Open Contracting Partnership, and the B Team, along with OpenCorporates. It is initially funded by the Department for International Development (UK).

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