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Political parties struggle with corruption test National Business Review (Paid Content) Duncan Bridgeman

NZ should toughen up political financing rules, Transparency International head says National Business Review (Paid Content) Fiona Rotherham and Susan Wood

Which political party takes the best stance on corruption? National Business Review (Paid Content) Duncan Bridgeman

New Zealand transparency, integrity and accountability

2014 and 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index tables corrected Issued by Transparency International Secretariat

Saudi sheep deal: The two-year hunt for the 'legal advice' Analysis - After two years of battling for transparency over the Saudi sheep deal Tim Watkin got some answers this week, but he still has plenty of questions.

We're among the least corrupt - until election time Bribery is bribery plain and simple, writes Gerrard Eckhoff

The NZ Defence Force manipulated the Battle of Baghak video.

Open Government – Inoculating Against Fascism Joseph Cederwall - Scoop

Civil proceedings initiated relating to bribery and corruption charges The Commissioner of Police initiated civil proceedings last week against a 53-year-old man and his wife for his criminal activities relating to bribery and corruption.

Police freeze $8.6m over bribery, corruption case Radio New Zealand - Police have frozen $8.6 million of assets belonging to a man found guilty in a bribery and corruption case

More work needed to fulfil anti-corruption promises, NGO says More than two thirds of promises made by 43 countries to fight corruption last year have been completed or seen progress but more work needs to be done, a report said.

How To Vote To Ensure A More Open Government “...there are mechanisms in place by which we citizens can progress this important issue.”


Kiribati launches anti-corruption strategy The Kiribati government has launched its first ever National Anti-Corruption Strategy.

PNG government criticised for watering down ICAC draft Papua New Guinea's government has been accused of watering down the powers of a draft Independent Commission Against Corruption, or ICAC.

March in Solomons to petition PM on anti-corruption

Break-in ‘will not shake’ PNG’s Transparency International Transparency International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG) says its work will continue despite a break-and-entry incident at their Boroko premises.


New Swiss tax data exchange deals raise red flags The automatic exchange of tax information (AIE) between countries is generally seen as an effective way of cracking down on tax cheats. But what if a country uses the data to politically oppress its citizens? It’s a burning issue facing Swiss lawmakers.

3 things we’ve learned since the Anti-Corruption Summit in London 2016 Transparency International

Transparency International tracker shows how countries are keeping Anti-Corruption Summit promises


Recent Activity

Protect our whistleblowers
Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) is calls for better whistleblower protection. 8 Aug, 2017

Auditor General resignation requires transparency
Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) calls on Parliament to release the report by Sir Maarten Wevers that lead to the resignation of Auditor-General Martin Matthews. 5 Aug, 2017

TINZ applauds decline in foreign trusts
Government implementation of tougher disclosure requirements for foreign trusts have led to around 75% discontinuing or exiting New Zealand. 9 Jul, 2017

Public Sector Integrity Media Release
State Services Commission took a very positive step in addressing a key recommendation of TINZ's Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment by advertising a role for Deputy Commissioner, Integrity, Ethics and Standards. 11 May, 2017

Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 TINZ media release
Transparency International 25 Jan, 2017