Message from the CEO

Janine McGruddy

Janine McGruddy
TINZ Chief Executive Officer

by Janine McGruddy

TINZ Chief Executive Officer

Kia ora koutou TINZ Members

I am very fortunate in my role as TINZ CEO to spend a lot of time working with a variety of organisations, from universities and other civil society organisations to government departments, unions and international entities. I have learned that it takes real effort, mutual respect, and good will on both sides to reach agreed understandings about how best to make progress on issues that are of great importance to all of us. We are all different, but that is what makes the collaboration stronger and more likely to last.

Unity amongst integrity stakeholders is the key to getting beyond differences of opinion or other areas of focus. In the current global political climate, it is essential as leaders that we put aside our minor differences, and unite around what we can achieve together.

Sadly, there are those out there that claim to want these things, but use every opportunity to knock the very organisations that have the most in common with the issues or values they claim to espouse. Some have even suggested that this is their goal. They deliberately divide and conquer as a perverse way to gain more glory or recognition for themselves.

And, as always, the best way to deal with that behaviour is to ignore it and to continue to put your energy into what you know can make a real difference, not just make headlines. There is a very real deep satisfaction from making connections and developing affiliations with like-minded people. Everybody wins from the fresh perspective and energy that arises from trust and willingness to work to find solutions to the problems we face as a planet.

We know that it can feel great to stand on the side lines and cast stones at those that do not meet our lofty standards – nothing better than thinking you are right and they are wrong. But that does not produce the outcomes that are needed. It is much better to use those stones to build paths and to help each other understand better ways of doing things and knowledge of the real issues the other faces.

He rangi tâ matawhâiti, he rangi tâ matawânui. A person with narrow vision has a restricted horizon; a person with wide vision has plentiful opportunities.

Ngâ mihi



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