Open Government Partnership Announcement

URGENT – Have your say on progress of the Open Government Partnership’s National Action Plan 2016-18

Progress reporting on the New Zealand Open Government Partnership’s National Action Plan 2016-18 is now online. It will be updated quarterly.

The recently appointed Open Government Partnership (OGP) ‘Independent Reporter’ for New Zealand, Keitha Booth, is tasked with reporting to OGP headquarters in Washington. These reports are the main way stakeholders can track OGP progress in individual countries.   

You can provide feedback to

  • By 26 July, on the development of New Zealand’s National Action Plan.
  • By 30 September, on progress being made on this year’s plan commitments.

Public consultation and feedback is separately being sought by the State Services Commission (SSC) on their mid-term ‘self-assessment of progress’ on the Action Plan. You can provide this feedback

  • From 19 July until 1 August 2017 either online via OGPNZ, or alternatively in writing to OGP National Action Plan, State Services Commission, PO Box 325, Wellington 6140.

SSC’s finalised mid-term self-assessment for New Zealand will be published on the international Open Government Partnership website by 30 September 2017.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international initiative where the governments of 75 countries have committed to becoming more open, accountable and responsive to citizens. New Zealand joined the OGP in 2014 and is now implementing its second National Action Plan. This second National Action Plan for Open Government was co-created with New Zealanders and was released by the New Zealand Government on 20 October 2016. Work is underway in seven areas: open budget; official information; open data; ongoing engagement for OGP; access to legislation; and improving policy practices


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