TINZ Annual General Meeting

Transparency International New Zealand
2015 Annual General Meeting

Sir Don McKinnon
TINZ Patron

TINZ Member Attendees at the AGM. From top: Claire Johnstone, Murray Sheard. From left: Janine McGruddy, Alicia Wright, Suzanne Snively, Lieutenant General Tim Keating, Christine Stevenson, Charles Hett, Gus van de Roer.

TINZ 2015 AGM featured keynote speaker Lieutenant General Tim Keating

NZDF Head Lieutenant General Tim Keating spoke about the NZDF and the recently released Government Defence Anti-corruption Index. He set out how the force intends to maintain the “A” grade from the index, adding that it will strive to improve by addressing weaknesses identified in the survey.

Claire Johnstone and Murray Sheard stepping down as Directors

Two Directors stepping aside from their Directors’ roles this AGM were TINZ Deputy Chair Claire Johnstone and TINZ Ethics Chair Murray Sheard. Both demonstrate the combination of intellectual commitment, focused effort and time that volunteer members contribute to the TINZ Board.

Claire Johnstone

Claire Johnstone at the

Claire has been involved with Transparency International since its inception in New Zealand in the 1990s, serving as Co-Chair in 2010 and as Deputy Chair for the last two years. Claire has served as a TINZ Director for much of the time she’s been involved with TINZ and has strong knowledge and interest in the Pacific and Melanesia where she has worked alongside the Transparency International chapters in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

There is a strong relationship between those chapters and TINZ. Working together in partnership through Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade funding, with connections with TI, the Australian chapter of TI, the United Nations Development Programme, the Office of the Auditor-General, and the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs the aim is to reduce the effect that corruption has on Pasifika people and their fragile economies. Claire has been concerned to gain acknowledgement that corruption in areas such as fishing, forestry and extractive industries are of particular concern.

She will continue to demonstrate her commitment to this challenge and TINZ and Pacific transparency by assuming a role of delegated authority to provide advice on the Pacific Integrity Initiative to the TINZ Board.

Murray Sheard

Murray Sheard at the

Murray Sheard, PhD Ethics, has contributed his deep knowledge of ethics and the civil society sector as a TINZ Director over the past four years. His calm leadership of the TINZ ethics committee was reassuring in the face of vexatious litigation and his advice and guidance was key to the renewal of TINZ’s TI accreditation.

New Directors elected for 2015/18

Three new Directors were elected at the TINZ 2015 AGM, resulting in a Board of 12 Directors from its December meeting. The Board is further enhanced through the attendance of its Patron, Finance Officer and Administrative Assistance. Members with Delegated Authority are welcome to attend each meeting as well.

Charles Hett

Charles Hett at the 2015 TINZ AGM

"I believe sunlight and transparency are critical features of all social, public and private-sector business environments. I will apply my energy and effort to TINZ to help maintain New Zealand’s relatively positive position and use it to help other parts of the world change and improve. The benefits of a low-corruption society can so easily be lost (like reputation) and are very hard to regain-so focus, energy and effort are continuously needed."

Charles comes from a finance background as an actuary with a long-term perspective on society and can help TINZ with the financial aspects of its work. He has been a co-opted Board Member since December 2014, taking on various roles and bringing a wide-ranging, essentially private-sector perspective to the Board.

Gus van de Roer

Gus van de Roer at the 2015 TINZ AGM

Gus has a strong background in marketing, branding and communications and will bring these areas of expertise to improve the role, recognition, and objectives of TINZ to its many target audiences. His company, which he sold to an international advertising group in the year 2000, was involved in the analysis, strategy development and execution in the marketing, branding and communication disciplines, and improved many of New Zealand’s leading companies’ market performance.

"I believe that transparency and integrity should stand at the centre of promoting and protecting the image of New Zealand while increasing awareness for its many business and governance interests. New Zealand is a small player in the international scene but has gained a big reputation for its independence and ethics in the public and private sectors. This reputation should be used stronger to advance its many involvements nationally and internationally while motivating participation by a great number of key players who would benefit from this distinction."

James Brown

James Brown, new Auckland TINZ Director

James Brown, ASB HO Industry Development, Specialist Industries, brings to the TINZ Board his desire to shape and change the standards in which business operates. James says, “Many people look to the Government to change and set out principles in which business should operate. I think it is time that business takes up the mantle and drives the change from within … It is not about the products, it is about our core values and behaviours which should drive us to do more and be better tomorrow than we are today.”

"It is not about the products it is about our core values and behaviours which should drive us to do more and be better tomorrow than we were today."

About the AGM

An annual general meeting is held each year not later than 5 months after the end of the Financial Year at a date, time and place determined by the Board.

At the Annual General Meeting, members receive and consider the Annual Report and Accounts, elect Directors and Life Members, and to deal with any other business of which notice shall have been given to the Executive Officer not later than twenty one clear days prior to the date fixed for such meeting.


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