TINZ Governance

Transparency International (New Zealand) is governed by a Board of Directors of up to 12 persons elected by Members at the Society's Annual General Meeting. Directors are appointed for three years. They serve as individuals and not as representatives of their employer.

The current Officers of the Society are:

Sir Don McKinnon

Patron: Sir Don McKinnon

Sir Don McKinnon is a former Secretary General of the Commonwealth, as well as having served as New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.  He is Chairman of the Global Panel Foundation - Australasia - a respected NGO that works behind the scenes in crisis areas around the world.

As TINZ's patron Sir Don is continuing a long tradition of being highly involved in the Pacific, with the Commonwealth and his particular emphasis on supporting "good governance".  He is committed to New Zealand and its place in the wider world and to human rights and good governance as the most effective antidotes to corruption. [Registry of Interests].

Chair: Suzanne Snively

Former PricewaterhouseCoopers Partner, now Managing Director of MoreMedia Enterprises Ltd, economic strategist Suzanne is currently an Independent Director on the New Zealand Army Leadership Board, Health Research Council, New Zealand Opera and inaugural Director of the Maori Whanau Ora Commissioning Agency, Te Pou Matakana. She's a Patron of Vincents Art Workshop and came to New Zealand as a Fulbright Scholar; was previously a Ministerial appointee to the Whanau Ora Task Force; and Director of the NZ Reserve Bank, R A Hannah and Co, Whitireia and WelTec Community Polytechnics, Wellington City Council's Capital Holdings, Agri-Womens' Development Trust and others.

Suzanne has been a regular analyst and commentator on NZ's economic position for over 30 years, including commentary on corruption levels. [Registry of Interests].

Deputy Chair: David McNeill

David has a strong background in Information Technology, currently in data centre technical services with Vodafone NZ and corporate decommissioning at Computer Recycling. He has wide experience in small & medium business technology consulting, mainly in Auckland. He has also undertaken financial & technology audit services for Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC). He holds a Bcomm from Auckland University. He has a practical, grass roots approach, giving a direct view of where potentially corrupt local situations can arise. [Registry of Interests]

James Brown - Transparency International New Zealand Director

Director: James Brown

James Brown, ASB HO Industry Development, Specialist Industries, brings to the TINZ Board his desire to shape and change the standards in which business operates. James says, “Many people look to the Government to change and set out principles in which business should operate. I think it is time that business takes up the mantle and drives the change from within … It is not about the products, it is about our core values and behaviours which should drive us to do more and be better tomorrow than we are today.”

"It is not about the products it is about our core values and behaviours which should drive us to do more and be better tomorrow than we were today." [Registry of Interests]

Director: Bryce Edwards

Dr Bryce Edwards is a lecturer in Politics at the University of Otago, and he has a PhD in Political Sociology. Currently in the early stages of his academic career, Bryce teaches and researches in the areas of New Zealand parliamentary politics, elections, political parties, and public policy. He is currently writing a book entitled ‘Who Runs New Zealand? An Anatomy of Power'. He has written various journal articles and academic book chapters on the topic of political finance and corruption. [Registry of Interests]

Director: Josephine Serrallach

Josephine Serrallach was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, and has a degree in Economics by the University of Barcelona. At her arrival to New Zealand, she started a doctoral thesis and she was awarded a PhD by Massey University. Josephine has also a background in Policy Development and Commercialisation of Intellectual Property. Among other roles, she worked for several years as New Technology Manager at Massey University and later as Intellectual Property Manager at Victoria Link, the commercial arm of Victoria University of Wellington, where she was responsible for licensing intellectual property and starting spin-off companies, having been the catalyst for the foundation of Magritek, now a successful company in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

Josephine was Director of the New Zealand Pavilion at the Expo-92 in Sevilla, Spain.

Josephine is currently self-employed and is a Director of private companies. She has a certificate in Company Direction and is a member of the Institute of Directors of New Zealand. [Registry of Interests]

Director: Christine Stevenson

Christine Stevenson is currently the Acting Comptroller and Chief Executive of the New Zealand Customs Service until February 2018. Her substantive role is Deputy Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections. As Deputy Chief Executive, Christine supports the Chief Executive, to represent the Department with Ministers and central agencies, and to provide leadership across the justice sector. She also works closely with the Chief Executive, and other members of the Executive Leadership Team, to provide strategic oversight and governance for the Department.

Christine comes from a strong background in public service, having worked in senior roles in the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Justice. She has also previously worked in the private sector in Australia.

Christine is qualified as a chartered accountant. [Registry of Interests].

Director: Mark Sainsbury

Mark Sainsbury is one of New Zealand’s most experienced journalists having spent four decades covering news politics and current affairs.  Most of that time was spent at TVNZ where he was a researcher, reporter, foreign correspondent, political editor, late night talk host and most recently host of the nightly current affairs programme Closeup.

Since then he has been involved in radio with Radiolive both as host of their Sunday morning programme and most recently anchoring Radiolive breakfast.  He runs his own business Sainsbury Ltd that offers media consultancy servicers to corporate and public sector clients where the focus is very much on transparency and openness. 

Other fields currently include MC work conference facilitation and documentary making.  He has a lifelong interest in classic cars and writes a motoring column for Capital magazine in Wellington. Given all those commitments he divides his time between his beloved Wellington hometown and Auckland. [Registry of Interests]

Director: Charles Hett

Charles Hett believes sunlight and transparency are critical features of social environments and that the benefits of a low-corruption society can easily be lost (like reputation) and hard to re-gain - so worth using energy and effort to maintain. He has wide-ranging experience of Financial Services businesses in New Zealand, Australia, UK and Asia; both as a consultant and holding various insurance company roles. He is currently the Appointed Actuary to two insurers - one general insurer and one life insurer. Charles established and has led the Deloitte NZ actuarial team since 2008.

He qualified as a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in 1988 and is a Fellow of the NZ Society of Actuaries as well as Associate of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia. Charles holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Oxford University and he is also a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.” [Registry of Interests]

Gus van de Roer - Transparency International New Zealand Director

Director: Gus van de Roer

Gus has a strong background in marketing, branding and communications and will bring these areas of expertise to improve the role, recognition, and objectives of TINZ to its many target audiences. His company, which he sold to an international advertising group in the year 2000, was involved in the analysis, strategy development and execution in the marketing, branding and communication disciplines, and improved many of New Zealand's leading companies' market performance.

"I believe that transparency and integrity should stand at the centre of promoting and protecting the image of New Zealand while increasing awareness for its many business and governance interests. New Zealand is a small player in the international scene but has gained a big reputation for its independence and ethics in the public and private sectors. This reputation should be used stronger to advance its many involvements nationally and internationally while motivating participation by a great number of key players who would benefit from this distinction." [Registry of Interests]

Tim Goodrick - Transparency International New Zealand Director

Director: Tim Goodrick

Tim Goodrick is an Associate Director at KPMG in the Forensic practice. He has over 10 years’ experience combatting financial crime whilst working in government, international organisations and consulting. Tim joined KPMG in March 2015 from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in Paris, France, where he spent three years developing international AML/CFT policy and assessing countries against international standards.

Prior to the FATF, Tim was the Director of the Financial Crime Section in the Australian Attorney-­-General’s Department, with responsibility for Australia’s national policies to combat money laundering and foreign bribery.

He represented Australia and the FATF at various international meetings including at the United Nations, the G20 anti-­-corruption working group, the Basel Committee on Money Laundering, and the OECD Working Group on Bribery. Tim has undertaken FATF and OECD country evaluations and both led and managed FATF initiatives to help countries combat the misuse of companies and trusts (beneficial ownership guidance) and to use AML measures to combat corruption (anti-­-corruption guidance).

Tim has also previously worked for AUSTRAC, Australia’s financial intelligence unit and regulator, in policy and compliance. Tim is a qualified lawyer with a Master of Laws (Criminal Justice and Criminology), and is a Certified Anti-­- Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). [Registry of Interests]

Conway Powell - Transparency International New Zealand Director

Director: Conway Powell

I have a PhD in Botany and worked as a scientist and then research director in the then Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for 19 years.

Since 1992, I have run my own consulting business, largely in the health sector. I have held Board Directorships in several health sector organisations from 2009.  I am a Chartered Member of the IoD.

I live in Dunedin with my wife Kathryn (a GP and medical centre owner) and together we run an export cut-flower growing business in Wanaka (particularly Paeonies). [Registry of Interests]

Brendon Wilson - Transparency International New Zealand Director

Director: Brendon Wilson

Brendon has held leadership roles in airlines, the technology sector, a major professional membership body and in government. He provides consultancy to enable organisations to realise their stakeholder potential.

His experience has convinced him of the need for business, government and communities to commit to open honest communication and ethical integrity for the sake of our society and all our prosperity. Work in the electoral system has focused him on the electoral integrity all New Zealanders deserve, to enable the benefits of our democratic freedom.

“The combination of vigorous open democracy, good governance, healthy competitive integrity in business and strong vibrant communities offers a platform for all New Zealanders to achieve the opportunities and prosperity we should expect. The success of our country in an increasingly difficult and complex world demands that we commit ever more firmly to these principles, the stakes are high.”

His Maori lineage is a source of pride, and he follows interests in aviation, classic cars and motorsport. [Registry of Interests]



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