Who We Are - About TINZ

Transparency International New Zealand actively promotes the highest levels of transparency, accountability, integrity and public participation in government and civil society in NZ, the Pacific Islands and the world. TINZ is a member of Transparency International, the international organisation leading the movement to eradicate corruption and bribery wherever they occur. 

Our Vision

A world with trusted integrity systems in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.

Our Mission is:

To promote transparency, good governance and ethical practices;
  • In New Zealand's private and public sectors (whether operating in New Zealand or overseas);
  • In the South Pacific; and
  • Internationally, as part of the global Transparency International movement.

We are committed to ensuring that:

  • New Zealand's public service and commercial organisations demonstrate ethical, transparent, and corruption free practices,
  • New Zealand fully implements international anti-corruption conventions, especially the OECD Convention on Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions, and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)
  • New Zealand's public and private institutions have full access to non-partisan information on matters relating to corruption and transparency.
  • We are able to provide financial and technical support for the anti-corruption and transparency work in the Pacific

Our activities in New Zealand include:

  • Monitoring the transparency of New Zealand's budget and public accounts.
  • Improving the awareness of transparency and corruption issues in New Zealand.
  • Encouraging non-partisan debate with regard to the conduct and funding of elections.
  • Monitoring the implementation of New Zealand's anti-corruption commitments.
  • Supporting the investigation of allegations of bribery in international trade.

We are active in the Pacific Region

Corruption in the Pacific is a major impediment to good governance. It represents a significant risk to the stability of the South Pacific Region. TI Members in Pacific Chapters have demonstrated their commitment to Transparency International through the formation of country chapters. These chapters lead the work against corruption in their countries, often at great personal risk. Transparency International New Zealand supports Pacific chapters through the provision of financial and technical support. This work is sustained through a funding and work programme agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Our Guiding Principles

TINZ is a civil society organisation committed to respecting the following principles:

  1. We will respect and encourage respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms.
  2. TINZ will be democratic, politically non partisan and non sectarian in our work.
  3. We raise awareness, describe and assess strong integrity systems, develop tools for fighting corruption, and work with other civil society organizations, companies, and government entities to implement them. We do not undertake investigations on single cases of corruption or expose individual cases.
  4. We will strive for balanced and diverse representation on our governing bodies.
  5. We are committed to building, working with and working through national chapters world-wide. As one global movement, we stand in solidarity with each other and we will not act in ways that may adversely affect other Chapters or the TI movement as a whole.
  6. In all of its activities TINZ will accord due respect to the dignity and values of the people with whom it works, being consistent with principles of basic human rights and natural justice.


Recent Activity

Protect our whistleblowers
Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) is calls for better whistleblower protection. 8 Aug, 2017

Auditor General resignation requires transparency
Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) calls on Parliament to release the report by Sir Maarten Wevers that lead to the resignation of Auditor-General Martin Matthews. 5 Aug, 2017

TINZ applauds decline in foreign trusts
Government implementation of tougher disclosure requirements for foreign trusts have led to around 75% discontinuing or exiting New Zealand. 9 Jul, 2017

Public Sector Integrity Media Release
State Services Commission took a very positive step in addressing a key recommendation of TINZ's Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment by advertising a role for Deputy Commissioner, Integrity, Ethics and Standards. 11 May, 2017

Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 TINZ media release
Transparency International 25 Jan, 2017