Global Corruption Barometer

The Global Corruption Barometer is a worldwide survey conducted by Transparency International on a biennial basis. Started in 2003, in 2013 it was the biggest ever survey tracking world-wide public opinion on corruption. Over 114,000 people in 107 countries were asked for their views on corruption.

New Zealand was not included in the 2015/2016 Global Corruption Barometer, we were last surveyed in 2013.

Global Corruption Barometer for New Zealand

New Zealand was included in the GCB for the first time in 2010/2011. This public opinion is survey is conducted by reputable opinion research agencies; in 2013 exactly 1000 New Zealander’s were surveyed.

Caution is recommended about reading too much into the New Zealand results. With a small percentage of respondents reporting actual experiences of corruption, the margin of error is relatively large and a few choosing to provide erroneous answers will have a significant impact. The total number of incidents nationwide extrapolated from the small percentage calming to be victims is a huge number when compared to actual cases reported and lacks corroborating evidence.