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TINZ affiliation programme

Transparency International New Zealand’s vision is a world with trusted integrity systems in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption. In pursuit of that vision TINZ partners with like minded organisations in the fight against corruption, in support of a society where transparency is the norm and organisations continuously seek best practice governance.

Key principles

TINZ seeks affiliation with organisations which:

  • Are committed to zero tolerance for corruption
  • Are committed to good governance
  • Have robust codes of ethics
  • Have implemented integrity systems for the detection of corruption
  • Have or are seeking to have anti-corruption training systems for its employees (and members)
  • Have strong leadership committed to the prevention of corruption.

Benefits of affiliating with TINZ

The benefits of an affiliation with TINZ include the demonstration by the leadership of their commitment to eradicate corruption, the continuous pursuit of best practice governance and a commitment to transparency. Affiliates have access to the resources of Transparency International and on the ground support from TINZ.

Purpose of the programme

TINZ seeks to spread its  message and influence through as many channels as possible including to the membership of other like minded organisations. These organisations are likely to be predominately  Civil Society Organisations/ Non Government Organisations/ Not for Profit entities. However we are also very keen to pursue our cause with Government and commercial organisations where there is an overlapping common interest.

Institute of Internal Auditors New Zealand becomes a TINZ affiliate

TINZ recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Institute of Internal Auditors New Zealand (IIANZ). Both organisations have zero tolerance for violations of integrity and care about good governance, robust codes of conduct and integrity systems for the prevention of corruption.  Our strategic alliance to expands the area of influence of both organisations for greater efficiency in the achievement of our common goals.


If you or your organisation would like further details on our affiliation programme please contact any of the following:

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