Anti-Corruption Summit Pledge Tracker – New Zealand update

At the 2016 Global Anti-Corruption Summit in London (ACS), New Zealand made specific commitments or pledges towards eliminating corruption. Progress towards implementing these pledges has since been monitored by Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ).

It was clear at the time that the pledges could be more ambitious. Even so, for many commonwealth countries is was a realistic place to get started.

Internationally, the findings have been relayed to the team at Transparency International UK Chapter (TI-UK) who have updated their Global Anti-Corruption Pledge Tracker 2019. This enables us to compare New Zealand’s progress with the other 46 countries that attended the 2016 Anti-corruption conference. Interestingly, while the pledges are unambitious, progress has been slow for many other countries.

TINZ sees the continuing self-monitoring by government agencies as both useful to ensure New Zealand stays on the right track and as a way of setting the tone at the top. By demonstrating that it’s possible to complete the implementation of anti-corruption measures, other countries can see the way to follow. When assisting other nations to fight corruption,‎ New Zealand protects itself and other nations from growth in grand corruption.

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