Asia Pacific Integrity Conference

Lewis Rowland,TINZ MDA,
presenting to the Asia Pacific Integrity Conference - Dec 2019

Lewis Rowland

Member with Delegated Authority

Defence and Defence Anti-Corruption Index

On behalf of Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ), I recently attended and presented at the Asia Pacific Integrity Conference, held in Seoul on 5 December. Around 60 people attended, including several overseas speakers from Indonesia, PNG, Taiwan and New Zealand.

My 15 minute presentation covered transparency in the New Zealand defence sector. The presentation was well received. New Zealand is held in high respect in the Asia Pacific region, where it is ranked #1 for its lack of corruption. Internationally, it sits second to Denmark for the openness and transparency of its public sector generally. I noted that we sometimes take this for granted and the lesson is that everyone needs to remain vigilant.

The conference was well organised and well attended, mostly by South Koreans from various civil society groups. I was impressed by the efforts of our gracious host, Transparency International Korea (TIK), in ensuring the conference’s success.

The benefit of attending these type of events is the networking opportunities and the chance to share and swap stories and advice. What struck me was the dedication and persistence displayed by many in the audience to reduce corruption and bribery in their respective countries. Encouragingly, I was left with the impression that, overall, the situation was gradually improving.

TIK announced that it would be jointly hosting the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) between 2-5 June 2020, in Seoul. Around 2,000 participants are expected to attend. New Zealand is of course invited! TINZ plans to organise a group of attendees from the Pacific region.

Asia Pacific Integrity Conference-December 2019 group picture

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