TINZ engages New Zealand and New Zealaders in a broad range of issues related to building stronger integrity systems to mitigate the impact of bribery and corruption. TINZ Directors, Members with Delegated Authority and staff provide subject matter expertise in the topic areas of interest. Below is the latest list of TINZ topic areas and Subject Matter Experts. View Subject Matter Experts for a list of experts with their expertise topics.


Anti-Corruption - Bryce Edwards

Anti-Corruption Pledges - Ferdinand Balfoort

Business Integrity and Ethics - Henry Lynch, Tim Goodrick, Brendon Wilson, Karin Lasthuizen

Business Sector - James Bushell

Civics - John Hall

Civil Society - James Bushell, Declan Mordaunt

Corruption - John Hopkins

Corruption Perceptions Index - Josephine Serrallach, Charles Hett

Democracy - Bryce Edwards

Financial Integrity System Assessment (FISA) - Stephanie Hopkins, Suzanne Snively, Liz Brown, James Brown, Luke Qin

Governance - Ferdinand Balfoort

Human Rights - John Hall

Indexes and Surveys - John Hopkins

Legislation - Bryce Edwards

Local Government - Anne Gilbert, Karen Webster, Liz Brown

Media - Bryce Edwards

National Integrity Systems - Suzanne Snively, Ann Webster, Liz Brown

OECD - John Hopkins

Open Government Partnership (OGP) - Debbie Gee, John Hall, Daygan Eager, Fuimaono Tuiasau, Michael Macaulay, David Dunsheath

Pacific / Pasifika - Stephanie Hopkins, Claire Johnstone, Fuimaono Tuiasau

Partners and Affiliations - Debbie Gee, Stephanie Hopkins, Luke Qin, Declan Mordaunt

Procurement - Tod Cooper

Sport - Josephine Serrallach, James Brown, Mark Nicholas

Training - Tod Cooper

Whistleblowing - Debbie Gee, Michael Macaulay, Tod Cooper