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Corruption Fighters Toolkit

14 April 2009

Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit

The Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit is a compendium of practical civil society anti-corruption experiences described in concrete and accessible language. It presents innovative anti-corruption tools developed and implemented by TI National Chapters and other civil society organisations from around the world.

The publication highlights the potential of civil society to create mechanisms for monitoring public institutions and to demand and promote accountable and responsive public administration.

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Don’t Marginalise Poor External Pr April 2009

1 February 2009

Don’t Marginalise the Poor 2 April 2009

Mary Robinson G20 – London blog

I am worried about what the outcome of this G20 Summit will be for poor developing countries. I understand from experience how these kind of discussions are held and the pressures that are exerted. But I do get the strong sense today that the G20’s focus is much closer to home – that this meeting is about reforms through stronger regulation and stimulus packages all designed to move the richer and more powerful countries out of financial crisis.

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