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24 September 2019

Our first public Integrity Forum provided a fascinating insight into the current activities of organised crime groups in New Zealand.  The systemic challenges around addressing fraud are being addressed by increasingly good coordination between key national agencies and with overseas anti-corruption and intelligence agencies. 

Registrations are open for two more public Integrity Forums in October.  

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Blockchain – Fad or Fail?

7 August 2018

Tod Cooper


“Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology with the power to change the world. That doesn’t just mean banking, business, legal services and supply chains but the way all of us buy and sell, control our assets and live our lives.”Judy Wilford – Blockchain for beginners.


Tod Cooper
Member with delegated authority for
Procurement/ Online Training/ Whistleblowing

By Tod Cooper

Member with delegated authority for Procurement

Initial version appeared in Employers and Manufacturers Association BusinessPlus Magazine

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Foreign Beneficial Owners need to be registered – New Zealanders already are!

7 August 2018

Ashton Johnstone

By Ashton Johnstone

Transparency International New Zealand Member

Masters of Anti-money Laundering and Counter Terrorism

New Zealand already has a central register of company details about beneficial ownership which is a publicly accessible online for any person, organisation and for law enforcement anywhere in the world. It is the only register in the world that is completely free to search and almost all of the company details are online.

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Proposed transparency of beneficial ownership

14 July 2018

Consumer Affairs Minister, Kris Faafoi, is working on law changes aimed at cracking down on overseas criminals potentially misusing companies in New Zealand.

According to Minister Faafoi, the goal is to curb money-laundering and the ability of overseas based criminals to use New Zealand’s well-regarded companies register to conceal some of their business. “Certainly we’re cracking down on beneficial ownership and figuring out who the beneficial owners are of companies that are registered here in New Zealand…

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The importance of culture with AML/CFT Phase 2

14 July 2018

Nicholas Gilmour

Financial crime consultant

Guest author

Nicholas was involved in the development of the ‘Phase 2’ legislation as a member of the New Zealand Police Financial Intelligence Unit.

New Zealand is adopting new money laundering and terrorist financing preventative measures. The Phase 2 implementation programme – which extends existing Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) legislation – introduces new reporting entities into a compliance regime.

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Anti-money Laundering: Next Steps after Phase 2

31 May 2018

Phase 2 of the Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regime compliance begins taking affect from 1 July 2018.

Phase 2 extends the AML/CFT regime to lawyers, conveyancers, accountants, real estate agents, sports and race betting, and certain high value dealers. Sectors are affected in stages, with lawyers and conveyancers required to comply starting from 1 July 2018,

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Investigative journalists find suspicious foreign trusts in New Zealand

20 April 2018

New Zealand remains vulnerable to the flow of illicit offshore assets. An Auckland company is caught up in an international money laundering controversy after it was identified helping to manage a network of New Zealand-registered companies and trusts for its secret clients.

“This article is striking. The amount of money involved and the newness of this activity are a strong signal that more needs to be done to prevent New Zealand trusts and companies from laundering foreign assets acquired under suspicious circumstances. We are left wondering just how much corrupt wealth is sheltered through New Zealand,” says Suzanne Snively, Chair of Transparency International New Zealand.fully transparent.

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More dirty laundering in New Zealand

20 April 2018

David Dunsheath

by David Dunsheath

Transparency Times Newsletter Co-editor

Investigative journalist members of the ‘Daphne Project’ have recently linked an Auckland wealth management company, Denton Morrell, with an international money laundering controversy. (See Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) media release on 20 April 2018)

New Zealand manipulations

As reported by RadioNZ,

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Report on Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism warns against complacency

18 March 2018

In its updated assessment the New Zealand Police Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) said $1.35 billion of domestic criminal proceeds is generated for laundering in New Zealand each year.

While the new requirement under the anti money laundering and counter terrorism act to be implemented in July will further assist the prevention of money laundering for terrorist and other criminal purposes financial transactions are not the only identifier of criminal intent. The Government needs to pass with urgency the bill that will identify beneficial ownership of trusts followed quickly with an amendment to cover all legal entities used by overseas sources and with the register fully transparent.

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