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Training webinar: The Role of Internal Audit in Fraud Risk Management

17 September 2020

The Institute of Internal Auditors New Zealand is hosting a training webinar Raising the Bar on Anti-Fraud: The Role of Internal Audit in Fraud Risk Management.  

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Defence Force transparency found wanting

18 August 2020

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) was found to have “manifestly inadequate” administration and institutional accountability systems for gathering, recording, preserving, investigating and providing information. This directly impacted on the quality of information provided by NZDF to successive Ministers of Defence, and through them to Parliament.

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Comment on Office of the Auditor General Draft Annual Plan 2020-21

4 June 2020


Transparency International New Zealand comment on the plan

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Are New Zealand audit firms sufficiently transparent?

5 July 2019

Professor Roger Willett

School of Accounting and Commercial Law

Victoria University of Wellington

Recent articles in the business press have commented on the refusal of the large New Zealand audit firms to share the results of a review of their audit work by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).  They raise the question of whether there is sufficient transparency to protect the interests of investors and other users of the audited financial statements of large corporates.

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James Jong IIANZ Board member and Chair of its Advocacy Committee

Human elements of agency risk – conduct and culture

3 June 2019

James Jong

Member of Advocacy Committee

Institute of Internal Auditors New Zealand

The importance of speaking up

Two years ago, I wrote an article in this newsletter espousing the internal auditor as the conscience of organisations. Their functional independence, professional objectivity and direct access to governors and executives enable and empower them to speak truth to power.

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Fairer tax through transparent reporting

7 May 2019

Joanna Spratt

Advocacy and Campaigns Director

Oxfam New Zealand

Wherever we live in this world, we all need the same things – a safe home to live in, nutritious food to eat, clean water to drink, and the knowledge and skills to help our communities flourish. What is crucial for meeting these everyday human needs are transparent and fair global tax systems.

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Perception versus reality, it’s time to take a closer look…

26 February 2019

by Bernie McKendrey
Deputy Chair
The Institute of Internal Auditors New Zealand

Examples of Poor Control

The few recent public examples below would suggest that we do indeed need to sharpen up our governance and control environment.

2018 New Zealand Transport Authority Fraud 2018 Waikato District Health Board CEO Fraud 2016 Milford Asset Management Market manipulation 2016 Victoria University Fraud 2015 Immigration New Zealand Bribery & Read more…

Blockchain – Fad or Fail?

7 August 2018

Tod Cooper


“Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology with the power to change the world. That doesn’t just mean banking, business, legal services and supply chains but the way all of us buy and sell, control our assets and live our lives.”Judy Wilford – Blockchain for beginners.


Tod Cooper
Member with delegated authority for
Procurement/ Online Training/ Whistleblowing

By Tod Cooper

Member with delegated authority for Procurement

Initial version appeared in Employers and Manufacturers Association BusinessPlus Magazine

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Banking Ombudsman Scheme

14 July 2018

Liz Brown

by Liz Brown

TINZ Member with Delegated Authority
Financial Integrity System Assessment

The Banking Ombudsman has become a structurally independent part of the finance sector.

Ombudsmen help address imbalances of power when an individual has a grievance against a large and powerful organisation. They originally dealt with grievances between individuals and government departments and agencies.

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Trust, transparency and business

31 May 2018

Declan Mordaunt

Declan Mordaunt
TINZ Member with Delegated Authority for T20 Professional Services Network

Under the title of “the Trust Crisis”, the April/May Edition of Acuity (the magazine of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand) contains two articles on the topic of trust and business. Each emphasises the important role of trust for businesses and the need for transparency.

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