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New Zealand is not doing enough to fight foreign bribery

12 October 2020

Transparency International’s report: Exporting Corruption 2020: Assessing Enforcement of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, finds that active international enforcement against foreign bribery is shockingly low.

The report labels New Zealand at “limited enforcement.” and finds that New Zealand is not doing enough to fight foreign bribery. 

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Fiona Tregonning Bell Gully

Acceptable bounds for gifts and hospitality for public officials

8 March 2017

The following table is © Bell Gully and reproduced with permission. It was produced by former TINZ Director and current Bell Gully Senior Associate Fiona Tregonning who works with organisations in managing corruption risks. The full article is here: New Zealand public sector on top – but fight against corruption real.

Findings by Judge Sally Fitzgerald in the Auckland Transport case of R vs Borlase &

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Are New Zealand enterprises prepared for the new anti-bribery legislation?

20 November 2015

The Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Bill passed in Parliament on 4 November 2015 bringing New Zealand more in line with international anti-bribery and corruption legislation. The omnibus Bill, which has been divided into 15 Amendment Acts, should also enable New Zealand to ratify the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), which it signed in 2003.

Some of the amendments in the foreign bribery area are:

  • provisions on facilitation payments and how they are recorded
  • companies liable for the actions of employees unless they take reasonable steps to prevent bribery—employees include agents,
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State Sanctioned Bribes Unacceptable

19 May 2015


The Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Bill allows facilitation payments-small bribes-undermining New Zealand’s strong reputation for being corruption free.

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The Business of Bribery

19 April 2015

A Public Discussion on the Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Legislation Bill with John Allen and Dr. Michael Macaulay moderated by Ian Fraser was hosted by IGPS on Wednesday 15 April at Victoria University.

The 80 seat lecture theatre was full with student attendees mixing with those from across several government agencies, businesses and civil society organisations. The photos below were taken at the event.

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Business Principles for Countering Bribery

1 January 2015

Josephine Serrallach

Director, Transparency International New Zealand

Managing the risk from bribery is a major concern for enterprises all over the world, particularly when facing unfair competition in a market where competitors are acting corruptly. On the surface businesses are often concerned that a non-corrupt enterprise would be at a disadvantage. Recent studies from the Institute of Business Ethics of the United Kingdom show that enterprises that had established a code of ethics are more profitable than enterprises without it.

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New Zealand To Ratify UNCAC

8 November 2013

10 Years after signing the United Nations Convention against Corruption, New Zealand appears ready to ratify it.

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TINZ Releases Anti-Corruption Training

24 October 2013

TINZ Releases Anti-Corruption Training In partnership with The SFO and BusinessNZ

Recognizing bribery, understanding how to deal with it, and complying with anti-bribery laws is growing in importance in all business environments.

Transparency New Zealand in partnership with The Serious Fraud Office and BusinessNZ is releasing a free online training module Anti-Corruption Training.

Anti-Corruption Training.

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