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New Zealand’s latest film festival brings fraud to the big screen

12 October 2016

New Zealand’s first International Fraud Film Festival

“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world” Jean-Luc Godard

New Zealand’s latest film festival is designed to bring the issue of fraud, and other forms of financial crimes, alive through the medium of film. It opens on Friday to an invited audience. Saturday is open to the public to join in the debate after each film about how to counter fraud.

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2016 Transparency in corporate reporting-emerging market multinationals

22 September 2016

This report evaluates the disclosure practices of 100 major emerging market multinationals headquartered in 15 countries and active in 185 countries. The report is part of a series on corporate reporting published by Transparency International since 2008. Initially focused on the world’s top multinationals, the series was expanded to include a first report on emerging market multinationals in 2013. To enhance comparability, the company sample for this report is primarily based on the 2013 edition of the Transparency in Corporate Reporting: Assessing Emerging Market Multinationals report. This report assesses the public disclosure practices of emerging market multinationals based on three dimensions: first, the reporting of key elements of their anti-corruption programmes; second, the disclosure of their company structures and holdings; and, third, the disclosure of key financial information on a country-by- country basis. This information was gathered from corporate websites

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L’Oreal Code of Ethics

25 May 2016


L’ORÉAL has set itself the mission of offering all women and men worldwide the best of cosmetics innovation
in terms of quality, efficacy and safety. Their ambition for the coming years is to win over another one billion
consumers around the world by creating the cosmetic products that meet the infinite diversity of their beauty
needs and desires. Their identity and reputation are based on strong Values and Ethical Principles.

This 40 page document is their code of ethics.

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LOreal selected Most Ethical Companies

25 May 2016

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Transparent ethical sustainable business

1 May 2016

Emmanuel Lulin presenting to business leaders in New Zealand 3-4th April 2016

Emmanuel Lulin and leveraging our reputation for integrity for New Zealand Corporates

Big business and ethical conduct are often held up as contradictory. However, business has a massive role to play in our economic wellbeing, so when Emmanuel Lulin, Senior Vice-President and Chief Ethics Officer at L’Oréal,

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Emmanuel Lulin Chief Ethics Officer of corporate ethics leader L’Oreal addresses TINZ audiences

28 April 2016

In these days of frequent high profile scandals showing depressing examples of integrity lapse in New Zealand and overseas, often lowering our cherished reputation, it is important to recognise organisations who do place a code of ethics at the pinnacle of their operations and by example show why it is important and worthwhile to do so.

Emmanuel Lulin Chief Ethics Officer of corporate ethics leader L’Oreal interviewed by Ian Fraser

Fortunately we have many such examples in New Zealand eg the NZ Superannuation Fund.

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Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand Corruption survey involving 1000 New Zealand businesses

28 February 2016

A recent survey released by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) looking at corruption faced by Kiwi businesses shows that bribery and corruption rates have risen significantly, both nationally and regionally.

According to the survey, “Only half of New Zealand businesses would report an illegal demand from customers or suppliers.”

TINZ Contributors Daniel King,

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TINZ Chair Attends Business Integrity Project and Financial Integrity Workshops in Berlin

2 April 2015

March 24-26th, TINZ Chair, Suzanne Snively, attended the Business Integrity (BIP) Workshop in Berlin followed on 27 March by a Financial Integrity Workshop: Tackling Corrupt Financial Flows hosted by Transparency International in Berlin with funding from the Seimen’s Integrity Initiative. Participants made up an international working team to develop integrity systems for clean business and financial systems.

Conference attendance was across a range of Chapters including four of the BRICS (Brazil,

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Corporate Corruption Are We Clean

1 March 2012

Corporate Corruption: Are we as clean as we seem? 1 March 2012

Recently TI-NZ Chair Suzanne Snively was interviewed for NZ Management Magazine’s The Director Bimonthly.

New Zealand has an almost ‘corruption free’ global business and political reputation. Transparency International (TI), the world’s leading watchdog of corrupt practices, ranks us second only to Denmark as the least corrupt country in the world.

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