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Brain Food Integrity Forums

29 October 2019

Julie Haggie

TINZ’s two ‘Brain Food Integrity’ seminars in October were well attended, informative and thought provoking.

Where in the World are we? discussed our geographic position in the world, how we have succeeded in using that to our advantage in trade, and the risk of international protectionist policies.

Hate Speech, Free Speech. While it is possible to clearly define hate speech, preventing it through the legal system has proven unworkable. Non-censorious government responses, civic education and sophisticated counter speech including ridicule, are effective antidotes to hate speech.

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Fairer tax through transparent reporting

7 May 2019

Joanna Spratt

Advocacy and Campaigns Director

Oxfam New Zealand

Wherever we live in this world, we all need the same things – a safe home to live in, nutritious food to eat, clean water to drink, and the knowledge and skills to help our communities flourish. What is crucial for meeting these everyday human needs are transparent and fair global tax systems.

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Reserve Bank Act review: Greater consumer, client and Treaty protections needed

26 January 2019

Julie Haggie

Julie Haggie

Chief Executive Officer
Transparency International New Zealand

Reserve Bank Act review

In November 2017 the Government announced it would undertake a review of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989. It was intended to create a modern monetary and financial policy framework. The review is now in Phase-2.

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Long term outcomes vs short term goals

10 November 2018

by Lyn McMorran
Lyn thanked Adrian Orr for his presentation

The members of TINZ were very lucky to have the Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), Adrian Orr, speak to them about what transparency means to him and how to achieve it, at their AGM held in Wellington on Monday 29 October.

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Debbie Gee: TINZ Member with Delegated Authority for Whistleblowing, Affiliations, and OPG

Business Ethics: L’Oréal’s Emmanuel Lulin

7 September 2018

Debbie Gee

Debbie Gee

TINZ Member with Delegated Authority for

Open Government, Whistleblowing, Partners and Affiliations

An interactive seminar with Emmanuel Lulin, Global Senior Vice President and Chief Ethics Officer at L’Oréal, provided participants with valuable insights into ‘How to make business ethics work for people, planet and profits’.

L’Oréal has been recognised by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” nine times including last year.  

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NZX slamed for lack of transparency

7 August 2018

As a followup to her July Transparency Times article NZX needs transparency and modernisation to support New Zealand’s future TINZ Chair Suzanne Snively was interviewed by the National Business Review. The resulting article is titled Corruption watchdog slams NZX for lack of transparency (N.B. the paywall can be by-passed by one-time registration for free limited weekly access).

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Suzanne Snively ONZM Chair Transparency International New Zealand

NZX needs transparency and modernisation to support New Zealand’s future

14 July 2018

Suzanne Snively

Suzanne Snively ONZM
Transparency International New Zealand

The New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) seems to regard initiatives aimed at enhancing its culture or that of its members, as a low priority. This inactivity and the lack of transparency may be stifling the availability of quality equity capital in New Zealand.

The NZX is not keeping up with the pace of transparency and access compared with exchanges around the world and other segments of New Zealand business and government.

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Banking Ombudsman Scheme

14 July 2018

Liz Brown

by Liz Brown

TINZ Member with Delegated Authority
Financial Integrity System Assessment

The Banking Ombudsman has become a structurally independent part of the finance sector.

Ombudsmen help address imbalances of power when an individual has a grievance against a large and powerful organisation. They originally dealt with grievances between individuals and government departments and agencies.

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Trust, transparency and business

31 May 2018

Declan Mordaunt

Declan Mordaunt
TINZ Member with Delegated Authority for T20 Professional Services Network

Under the title of “the Trust Crisis”, the April/May Edition of Acuity (the magazine of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand) contains two articles on the topic of trust and business. Each emphasises the important role of trust for businesses and the need for transparency.

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Internal auditing – is about exercising judgement (Part 2)

4 April 2018

by Sylvester Shamy

Chairman of the Institute of Internal Auditors NZ
and 2016 NZ Internal Auditor of the Year

Editor’s note: The Institute of Internal Auditors is a TINZ Affiliate and a regular contributor to the Transparency Times on the subject of internal auditing.

In our February newsletter we explored the difference between “doing things right” and “doing the right thing” from an internal auditor’s perspective.

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