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1 May 2016

Emmanuel Lulin presenting to business leaders in New Zealand 3-4th April 2016

Emmanuel Lulin and leveraging our reputation for integrity for New Zealand Corporates

Big business and ethical conduct are often held up as contradictory. However, business has a massive role to play in our economic wellbeing, so when Emmanuel Lulin, Senior Vice-President and Chief Ethics Officer at L’Oréal,

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Emmanuel Lulin (L’Oreal) in New Zealand 2016

30 April 2016

In this brief clip L’Oreal’s Emmanuel Lulin hightlights the value of integrity, respect and ethics in making good business decisions. From his 2016 visit to New Zealand to speak with business leaders.

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Emmanuel Lulin Chief Ethics Officer of corporate ethics leader L’Oreal addresses TINZ audiences

28 April 2016

In these days of frequent high profile scandals showing depressing examples of integrity lapse in New Zealand and overseas, often lowering our cherished reputation, it is important to recognise organisations who do place a code of ethics at the pinnacle of their operations and by example show why it is important and worthwhile to do so.

Emmanuel Lulin Chief Ethics Officer of corporate ethics leader L’Oreal interviewed by Ian Fraser

Fortunately we have many such examples in New Zealand eg the NZ Superannuation Fund.

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Business fighting corruption

25 April 2016

Transparency International acknowledges the potential from business integrity programme

TI representatives from 40 chapters completed a three-day Business Integrity Programme (BIP) workshop in Berlin in March. The 48 Chapter Representatives who attended the Siemen’s funded programmememe are collectively excited about the potential for important work with business in their countries to improve integrity standards within companies but also through them to make a contribution to curbing corruption via collective action with civil society.

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Emmanuel Lulin in New Zealand 2016 question from Ian Fraser

3 April 2016

L’Orea’s Emmanuel Lulin in New Zealand discussing cultures of ethics and the benefits to members and business performance.

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Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand Corruption survey involving 1000 New Zealand businesses

28 February 2016

A recent survey released by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) looking at corruption faced by Kiwi businesses shows that bribery and corruption rates have risen significantly, both nationally and regionally.

According to the survey, “Only half of New Zealand businesses would report an illegal demand from customers or suppliers.”

TINZ Contributors Daniel King,

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What kind of accountant are you?

18 February 2016

Fredinand Balfoort

By Ferdinand Balfoort

Accountants don’t star in movies; they are portrayed as fairly boring number crunchers. A rare exception was the movie Untouchables (1987) based on real-life events. It featured two accountants who were absolutely not boring. Oscar Wallace worked with US government agent Elliott Ness’ team to gather evidence to convict Al Capone on tax evasion.

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Are New Zealand enterprises prepared for the new anti-bribery legislation?

20 November 2015

The Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Bill passed in Parliament on 4 November 2015 bringing New Zealand more in line with international anti-bribery and corruption legislation. The omnibus Bill, which has been divided into 15 Amendment Acts, should also enable New Zealand to ratify the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), which it signed in 2003.

Some of the amendments in the foreign bribery area are:

  • provisions on facilitation payments and how they are recorded
  • companies liable for the actions of employees unless they take reasonable steps to prevent bribery—employees include agents,
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TINZ Chair Attends Business Integrity Project and Financial Integrity Workshops in Berlin

2 April 2015

March 24-26th, TINZ Chair, Suzanne Snively, attended the Business Integrity (BIP) Workshop in Berlin followed on 27 March by a Financial Integrity Workshop: Tackling Corrupt Financial Flows hosted by Transparency International in Berlin with funding from the Seimen’s Integrity Initiative. Participants made up an international working team to develop integrity systems for clean business and financial systems.

Conference attendance was across a range of Chapters including four of the BRICS (Brazil,

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TINZ Suzanne Snively Presentation to Kapiti Women in Business

25 February 2015

“Women Can Lead the World Through Just Business, Increasing Productivity AND Addressing Family Violence” Kapiti Women in Business Lunch Suzanne Snively Paraparaumu 25th February 2015

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