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Business Principles for Countering Bribery

1 January 2015

Josephine Serrallach

Director, Transparency International New Zealand

Managing the risk from bribery is a major concern for enterprises all over the world, particularly when facing unfair competition in a market where competitors are acting corruptly. On the surface businesses are often concerned that a non-corrupt enterprise would be at a disadvantage. Recent studies from the Institute of Business Ethics of the United Kingdom show that enterprises that had established a code of ethics are more profitable than enterprises without it.

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TINZ Releases Anti-Corruption Training

24 October 2013

TINZ Releases Anti-Corruption Training In partnership with The SFO and BusinessNZ

Recognizing bribery, understanding how to deal with it, and complying with anti-bribery laws is growing in importance in all business environments.

Transparency New Zealand in partnership with The Serious Fraud Office and BusinessNZ is releasing a free online training module Anti-Corruption Training.

Anti-Corruption Training.

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Exporters Experience

1 January 2012


Transparency International New Zealand today announced the release of “New Zealand Exporters’ Experiences with Bribery and Corruption, A Qualitative Survey.” This report, commissioned from UMR Research by Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ), gives an insight into some New Zealand exporters’ experiences and perceptions of corruption in overseas market.

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High Trust Provides Global Opportunities for New Zealand

2 November 2011


Suzanne Snively, Director Transparency International New Zealand presentation

Wellington, Rutherford House 8 November 2011 and Auckland, Owen Glen Business School 9 November 2011

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As Good As We Are Perceived Report Media Release

8 February 2010


Transparency International New Zealand study raises concerns about the performance of many of New Zealand’s major companies.

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