Civics Articles

Civics education needs consensus

7 September 2020

John Hall

TINZ Director

Civics & Human Rights

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) recently commented on the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Review conducted as part of the national Education Conversation | Korero Matauranga.  TINZ advocated an important attribute of any transparent and accountable society is that its citizens have the literacy to actively participate in routine social and democratic activities. 

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Groupthink: Are we collectively ruining democracy?

7 July 2020

Polarisation of belief is on the increase, driving people towards more fixed or extreme views. What are the causes and how do we challenge this?

Our 29 July webinar is an opportunity to hear views on how groupthink is affecting our democratic society, and about positive alternatives.

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The Citizen’s Handbook: Satire encourages citizenship

7 May 2020

David Dunsheath

Satire has been very successfully deployed to teach Kiwis how to be good citizens. Using thorough research and sharp comedy, The Citizen’s Handbook empowers its audience with the knowledge of how this country came to be, how it currently works, and how we can face the challenges that lie ahead.

This ten-part comedy video and podcast civics series, cleverly intertwines humour, irony, exaggeration and ridicule for greater appeal and understanding to a wide audience.

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Elections 2019 – raising questions on integrity

9 September 2019

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) contributes to local government democracy by promoting integrity and civic literacy. More than 1000 local body candidates will receive its ‘Questions on Integrity’ this week.

These questions are on topics around ethics, accountability, transparency and community representation.

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“She’ll be right” will not protect New Zealand’s democracy

1 September 2019

The survival of New Zealand’s democracy faces unprecedented threats over the next thirty years. A kiwi characteristic that could severely impede our capacity to respond, is the complacency of “she’ll be right”. Actually, it won’t be! Democracies need to be nurtured and supported – or risk having them turn into something else. There are four critical steps to shore up our democracy and sustain it.

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Local Body Elections: Questions for Candidates

28 August 2019

Get to know your candidates!  To help, Transparency International New Zealand has designed five sets of questions that can be used when talking with a local body candidate.

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Elections 2019 Questions to ask candidates

9 August 2019

Julie Haggie

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) has designed sets of questions that can be used when talking with a local body candidate.

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School Leavers’ Toolkit: Increasing civics education for young people

8 August 2019

The School Leavers’ Toolkit (Toolkit) is a commitment to provide all young people with the knowledge, skills and capabilities they need to transition successfully into further education, training or employment. This includes financial literacy, personal wellbeing, key workplace competencies and an understanding of civics and how our political system operates.

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School leavers’ toolkit: Practical skills for life

14 December 2018

John Hall

It is gratifying to see the Ministry of Education make serious steps towards addressing the damaging socio-economic inequities in civic literacy within New Zealand. The resulting, recently released School Leavers’ Toolkit, is a significant resource to guide our secondary school students for the next phase of their lives.

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