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Transparency International and others remonstrate over G20 Summit’s civil society process in Saudi Arabia

20 February 2020

At a time when the world is facing a wide range of challenges, independent voices are needed more than ever. A country that closes civic space until it is virtually non-existent, cannot be trusted to guarantee the basic conditions for international civil society to exchange ideas and collaborate freely on any issue, let alone those issues it deems sensitive or offensive.

Such is the host of this year’s ‘Civil 20’ meetings affiliated to the G20 Summit.

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Greater citizen engagement in the fight against corruption

5 October 2018

Steve Snively
Transparency Times Co-editor

Citizen involvement in the fight against corruption is an ongoing challenge faced by Transparency International New Zealand and virtually every organization engaged in the fight. While the need to resist and reduce corruption is universally acknowledged, there is much to do to turn this into action.

Earlier this year in a series of blog posts for Voices of Transparency,

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TINZ submission to National Archival and Library Institutions Ministerial Group

7 September 2018

David Dunsheath

David Dunsheath

TINZ Member with Delegated Authority for Open Government Partnership

Transparency Times Newsletter Co-editor

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) supports the claim that all people of Aotearoa have the right of access to knowledge about our nation. They have the right to do so with confidence that it is accurate and unbiased.

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