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20 April 2017

New Zealand transparency, integrity and accountability

Glenn Simmons, Nigel Haworth and Hugh Whittaker: Transparency needed in fishing industry, say academics seeking internal reports

New Zealand continues to top polls of world's best countries. World Happiness Report 2017 ranks New Zealand 8th

Fraud Film Festival YouTube channel

New Zealand PM rules out probe into deadly Afghan raid

Kiwi companies come out on top in latest ethical fashion survey

Former Fisher & Paykel worker admits corruption

Money laundering - foreign owned assets

Open Ownership Registration Launch Worldwide Webinar

Transparency International: Only 1 in 5 London Homes Are Sold To Locals

Transparency International Netherlands: Unmask anonymous owners behind offshore structures

Secret companies allow corrupt cash to flood the biggest real estate markets

Report launch: Transparency International finds thousands of São Paulo properties are secretly owned

Report Launch: Transparency International shows luxury goods dealers cash in on corrupt customers

UK aims for more transparency with foreign owners' property register

Swiss watchdog: Probes of money laundering jump in 2016


Trump administration may have halted a second energy anti-corruption effort

Being an Ethical Business in a Corrupt Environment Harvard Business Review

Global Week of Action to #EndTaxHavens, 1-7 April 2017 was designed to encourage and promote diverse activities across our tax justice communities to increase public pressure on governments around the world to end the damaging practice of tax havens.

Corruption in Asia Pacific: what 20,000+ people told us

Australians lead worldwide support for political donations reform

Gulf Between Civil-Common Law Countries on Openness of Court Decisions Centre for Law and Democracy

Electronic Disclosure System Australia's Electronic Disclosure System for political donations

Finland's Justice Ministry to probe how courts deal with corruption Although Finland is regularly ranked among the least corrupt countries in the world, Finnish Minister of Justice Jari Lindström has called for an investigation into how the courts handle and identify bribery cases. Despite Finland's good reputation, a report issued last year by the OECD noted problems in investigations and legal proceedings of corruption cases in Finland.

Global Alliance for Tax Justice The purpose of the Global Action is to increase public pressure on governments around the world to end global tax avoidance and evasion.

Exposing Procurement Corruption: Ten Questions to Ask The Global Anticorruption Blog

How corruption affects climate change

In case you missed it

2 March 2017

New Zealand transparency, integrity and accountability

This Haven for Billionaires Has a Murky Trust Issue A flamboyant Malaysian financier linked to an international money-laundering probe has laid bare New Zealand’s surprising appeal as a destination for the ultra-rich to park their wealth.

OIA statistics released State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes has today published the first set of Official Information Act (OIA) statistics covering 110 different government agencies.

First release of OIA statistics New Zealand is taking great strides in transparent governance with the release of detailed data examining the public sector’s response to official information requests.

CERA staff to be investigated over private company dealings Revelations that Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) staff tried to do commercial property deals for their own company will be investigated by the Prime Minister's Department and the State Services Commission.

Avoiding complacency about corruption Bryce Edwards.

Govt moves to end NZ's tax haven reputation  Legislation passed by the Government in February led by Inland Revenue Minister, Judith Collins led to TINZ Chair being interviewed by RNZ for its midday news, who outlines whythe benefits to New Zealand of a trusted reputation far exceeded any contribution to GDP the advisers to foreign trusts were adding."

Panama Papers law firm Mossack Fonseca quits NZ

Political Roundup: New Zealand's beautiful democracy Bryce Edwards.

Grant McLachlan: NZ should raise the bar on corruption

Auckland Transport corruption

Corrupt Auckland Transport execs jailed for five years

Two jailed, six leave jobs in country's largest bribery case

Sentences handed down in Auckland roading corruption case

Men guilty of corruption and bribery will spend time in jail

Prison sentence for two men in bribery case

Bribes are a sickness that threatens the democratic system

Common Reporting Standard

New Zealand to Enact Tighter Foreign Trust Disclosure Rules


Measuring corruption: why it is important

Transparency PNG says sacked whistleblowers should be honoured Transparency International PNG says reports nine Defence Department civilian staff have been sacked should be of concern to everyone in Papua New Guinea.

Most fans don’t believe Gianni Infantino’s first year has won back trust in FIFA

ISIS cannot be defeated without addressing corrupt conditions in which they thrive Transparency International UK

Trump's Conflicts Could Undercut Global Efforts To Fight Corruption, Critics Say


Open Govt Partnership Report on NZ finds little improvement

Asia Pacific corruption poll 2016 media release TI global corruption barometer

Blog Posts

Responding to the Panama Papers is a blog post by Ann Webster, Assistant Auditor-General for Research & Development, about the way the Shewan Inquiry was scoped for faster policy to tighten controls over foreign trusts. Her observations derive from presentations by John Shewan and Raj Kirshnan (GM of Regulatory Services, DIA) at the recent Transparency International NZ's Leaders Integrity Forum (March 2017).

In case you missed it

17 December 2016

Anti-money laundering

Exposure draft released of new anti-money laundering laws The Government press release on

NZ says government will be money-laundering watchdog for lawyers, estate agents The New Zealand government rejected a proposal for industries to police new money-laundering rules themselves.

De-risking: The New Zealand banking policy causing more suffering in war torn countries


Trust Us - New Zealand Can Hide Your Money! "Take an off-shore company and combine it with a trust; pay a couple of different firms of lawyers and accountants to manage your affairs (who are always deliberately a little confused about the exact role of the other) and bingo! You have the core ingredients for hiding your money or your property from taxmen and regulators across the world."

1MBD scandal: Judge allows Malaysian businessman tussling for $370m in seized assets to take control of NZ trusts A judge has allowed a controversial Malaysian businessman and his family to take control of New Zealand trusts as they seek to fight the seizure of assets worth $370 million.

Malaysian government prepares to wind up 1MDB amid scandal State fund's assets to be transferred to two companies owned by the Finance Ministry

Jet, mansions figure in $232 million foreign trust case to be heard in Auckland court Auckland court to become scene of battle to prevent US seizure of assets

Case may renew focus on foreigners' use of NZ trusts


Rosemary McLeod: There is no trickle down, it does not happen

Foreign Land Ownership Register

Clayton Mitchell: New Bill for all kiwis to enjoy "Last Thursday saw the defeat of the Bill, in Winston Peters' name, to set up a 'Foreign Land Ownership Register', so New Zealanders would be able to actually see the numbers."

Land Transfer (Foreign Ownership of Land Register) Amendment Bill


UK MPs unite to push for greater transparency from tax havens The UK’s overseas territories face renewed pressure to abandon corporate secrecy after 80 MPs joined forces to demand greater financial transparency from offshore havens.

EU tax transparency plan voted down by national governments Plans for increased tax transparency across the European Union, which would have seen the details of the true owners of secretive companies made public have been watered down by national governments across the bloc.

Panama Struggles to Shed Its Image as a Magnet for Shady Deals

In Donald Trump’s Washington, corruption will be utterly shameless Washington Post

New Zealand transparency, integrity and accountability

Inland Revenue Commissioner’s call to action for multinationals 18 November 2016 Inland Revenue Commissioner Naomi Ferguson issued a call to action for multinationals to be more transparent about their tax affairs.

Value for money: Costing Open Government reforms How can governments ensure that they get their money’s worth when they embrace open government reforms?

The 9 countries best at fighting corruption The World Economic Forum has released its 2017 "Inclusive Growth and Development Report" — a major look into how nations around the world can best ensure that their businesses and institutions function as efficiently as possible.

"Inclusive Growth and Development Report" The World Economic Forum has released its 2017 report, a major look into how nations around the world can best ensure that their businesses and institutions function as efficiently as possible.


Solomon’s official faces corruption charges

Corruption Perceptions Index - media coverage in New Zealand

New Zealand reclaims top place in global transparency index New Zealand's government on Wednesday welcomed the country's return to the top of the global anti-corruption rankings.

New Zealand reclaims title as world's least corrupt country Issac Davison of the NZ Herald, Wednesday, 25 January 2017, 6:54PM

New Zealand rockets up the anti-Corruption ratings: a non-Spinoff investigation A look at the numbers behind New Zealand's score.

New Zealand and Denmark deemed the 'least corrupt' countries in the world New Zealand has regained its top spot in a global watchdog's rundown of the most corruption-free countries in the world.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2016: Vicious circle of corruption and inequality must be tackled Rise of populist politicians in many countries is a warning signal. Transparency International's media release.

New Zealand and Denmark deemed the 'least corrupt' countries in the world

NZ rated least corrupt country New Zealand has risen from being the fourth-least corrupt country in the world to be joint top with Denmark in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index.

New Zealand and Denmark deemed the 'least corrupt' countries in the world New Zealand has regained its top spot in a global watchdog's rundown of the most corruption-free countries in the world.

In case you missed it

1 December 2016

Anti-money laundering

NZ says government will be money-laundering watchdog for lawyers, estate agents The New Zealand government rejected a proposal for industries to police new money-laundering rules themselves.

Exposure draft released of new anti-money laundering laws The Government press release on AML Phase II on the Ministry of Justice Website

New Zealand transparency, integrity and accountability

New Zealand To Seek More Tax Transparency From MNEs New Zealand's Inland Revenue Commissioner, Naomi Ferguson, has called on local and foreign-owned multinational corporations to be more transparent about their international tax affairs.

LGNZ backs call for more responsibility for local government Local Government New Zealand is welcoming a new report calling for greater clarity in the roles and responsibilities of local and central government in New Zealand.

Business Insider on the Prosperity Index The 25 richest, healthiest, happiest, and most advanced countries in the world.

Primary sector groups see bonuses in improved trade deal with China The "big three" - dairy, meat and forestry - have all said New Zealand stands to gain from a revamp and full implementation of the 2008 FTA, which itself was instrumental in making China one of the country's leading trade partners.

Legatum Institute 2016 Prosperity Index New Zealand Announced as the Most Prosperous Country in the World in 2016 Legatum Prosperity Index™.

Alexander Gillespie: NZ's end of year report - Could try harder While we score high in the indices for peace and transparency, our poverty and inequality gaps have grown.

Highlights and Lowlights of the Global Bribery Crisis The outlook for global bribery is becoming increasingly polarized, owing to several new countries deemed “very low risk,” and a rising number of nation states falling into the “very high risk,” categories, according to a new report.

Auckland Transport officials guilty of corruption A company director and an Auckland Transport senior official have been found guilty of giving and accepting bribes of more than $1 million.

National’s Foreign Ownership Cover-Up Continues National’s cover-up of foreign ownership of land in New Zealand continues, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

International battle against corruption: What does this mean for business in China? China, New Zealand December 15 2016. New Zealand has strengthened its commitment to combat bribery following the London Anti-Corruption Summit.

Student visa fraud: 'It's not about education'

The back story to New Zealand PM John Key's Panama Papers crisis Excellent coverage of the issues, arguments and lack of significant progress from the Shewan Inquiry. October 2016


Corruption increasing in Solomons says watchdog group The chairperson of Transparency Solomon Islands says corruption continues to rise in the country despite increased efforts to combat it.

Solomon's PM describes corruption as a cancer The Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has warned that seven more arrests related to corruption will be made in the coming days.


Bribery Is on the Rise Worldwide, and It Costs A Lot More Than Just Money

Corruption Currents: Bribery Isn’t a ‘Taboo’ For Indian Bureaucrats Bribery “is not a taboo in a government job,” an Indian bureaucrat said. Corruption roundup

Why does the rich-poor gap continue to grow? A new book, Reinventing Prosperity, by Graeme Maxton and Jorgen Randers, published Nov 2016 by Greystone, suggests radical solutions. An extract. There has been a “power grab” by the rich. The world's fattest fat-cats of manipulating the political system to rig the rules of the game in their favor, so that they are taxed less, regulated less, and scrutinized less. As a result, wealth and income have been moving in the opposite direction from what people [regard as fair tax].

Panama Struggles to Shed Its Image as a Magnet for Shady Deals

Global Partnership to Open New Fronts in Fight Against Corruption The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and Transparency International (TI) are joining forces in a first of its kind partnership to root out grand corruption on a global scale, the Global Anti-Corruption Consortium.

Unmasking the real owners of London property Nine out of ten overseas companies owning London property are registered in secrecy jurisdictions, according to new research from Thomson Reuters and Transparency International UK. Why does that matter?

An Interview with India's Most Wanted Cartoonist

Jho Low Family Digs in to Stop 1MDB Asset Seizure by U.S . Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho’s family is reaching far and wide to stop the U.S. from seizing $650 million in real estate and business investments the government claims were acquired with funds stolen from his home country.

17 International Anti-Corruption Conference: The time for justice, equity, security and trust is now . The 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) with the theme Time for Justice: Equity, Security, Trust concluded today in Panama City with a call for people all over the world to come together with activists, governments, business and the media to defeat corruption and hold them to account in an era where integrity and truth are under attack.

Transparency International calls for ending the secrecy that enables corruption Meeting in Panama City today, representatives from more than 110 Transparency International chapters and members unanimously adopted a resolution calling for an end to the secrecy that enables corruption and contributes to inequality worldwide.

The TRACE Matrix® The Global Business Bribery Risk Index for Compliance Professionals

Christine Lagarde on Trial in France, Overshadowing I.M.F. Role

Tackling corruption together: A call for collaboration The knowledge of how to fight corruption is growing, and the effect of these learnings can be amplified if business, governments and international institutions work together. By Kristin Berglund, Head of Anti-Corruption & Foreign Trade Controls, Maersk Line for the Huffington Post

Rigging the bids Government contracting is growing less competitive, and often more corrupt. The Economist

Labour peer turns down a job with £160,000 salary, Mayfair mansion and chauffeur-driven car... because men before her were paid even MORE

Sérgio Cabral, Ex-Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Arrested on Corruption Charges The former governor of Rio de Janeiro, who helped bring the Summer Olympics to the city, was arrested as part of an investigation into bribery and embezzlement in construction projects.

Indian bureaucrat with 'black money' stash: Bribes not taboo

Penetrating the offshore sector The following hypothetical case, a composite of cases appearing in the public record, is representative of the types of matters where Kroll is tasked to investigate financial fraud in the offshore sector. (A good case study description)


IAAF plans transparency amid new corruption claims Just as the IAAF is about to endorse wide-ranging changes to its governance aimed at making the organisation more ethical, transparent and accountable, world athletics' governing body is being assailed by more claims of corruption.

TINZ published media releases

Today is Anti-corruption Day TINZ media release pick up

Anti-corruption Day: NZ must remain vigilant Friday 9 December marks International Anti-Corruption Day. This was established after the passage of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in October 2003 and came into being because of the UN's concerns over the huge dangers corruption poses to societies in all countries.

In case you missed it

2 November 2016

New Zealand transparency, integrity and accountability

Alicia Wright as Electoral Commissioner. Alisi commits to continue the Electoral Commission’s role of protecting and extending integrity.

The Mega Rich Have Found an Unlikely New Refuge New Zealand’s isolation is a virtue amid terror, U.S. election and Brexit spurs wave of interest from Brits seeking to migrate.

Shewan report The Inquiry has reported its findings and recommendations to the Ministers.

The 25 richest, healthiest, happiest, and most advanced countries in the world New Zealand — Officially the most prosperous country on earth, according to the Legatum Institute, New Zealand ranked top of both the social capital and economic quality sub-indexes, and 2nd for business environment and governance.

Progress in bringing more open government welcomed Transparency International welcomes progress in bringing more open government.

Second Open Government National Action Plan State Services Minister Paula Bennett has today announced the publication of New Zealand’s second National Action Plan under the international Open Government Partnership.

The Potential to Correct Corruption Five reasons to take a fresh look at how you address bribery and corruption risks in your business.

The rich have found a place to escape the horrors of the world: New Zealand "The thing that was always working against New Zealand -- the tyranny of distance -- is the very thing that becomes its strength as the world becomes more uncertain..."

The trust paradox Discussion about reconciling security and privacy blog post from the OAG's Ann Webster

Launch of Policy Project frameworks John Key discusses free and frank advice.

Saudi Sheep

'Shortcomings' but no corruption in sheep deal - Auditor-General A report on the government's Saudi sheep deal by the Auditor-General has found no evidence of corruption, but has heavily criticised government processes.

Auditor-General report shows taxpayers' concern justified The Taxpayers’ Union has welcomed today’s release of the Auditor General’s report on the Inquiry into the Saudi Arabia Food Security Partnership. "It appears our blowing the whistle on this issue was completely justified,” says Jordan Williams, Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director.

Saudi sheep deal not corrupt, had 'significant shortcomings', report finds While Auditor General Lyn Provost has found no evidence of corruption, she says a contract the Government signed with Saudi businessman Hmood Al Ali Al Khalaf "does not tell the full story" about the reasons for the deal.

Rachel Smalley: Lack of clarity, transparency around Saudi sheep deal baffling

Opinion: This is not how NZ does business New Zealand has now shown it is prepared to make unorthodox compromises in the shadows – so what will the next potential trading partner ask for?

Not corrupt, just idiotic: Why the Saudi deal report is still terrible for Murray McCully The Spinoff, by Ben Thomas, 3 November 2016

Editorial: Ethical dilemma Otago Daily Times: There have been serious shortcomings identified in the report which are unlikely to ever be answered by a Government determined to sweep aside any perceived wrongdoing by its ministers. No-one is being held to account for the Saudi deal and that is the real travesty.

Editorial: Saudi sheep deal a fiasco and a shambles The Dominion Post: In this case a more transparent approach would have avoided the diplomatic mess that was the root of so much trouble. Transparency, in other words, is the best policy.

Saudi deal a wolf in sheep's clothing It wasn't illegal, but Murray McCully's Saudi sheep deal was disturbing.

Stacey Kirk: Rising corruption investigations are a symptom of growing mistrust This government has never been found to be corrupt. But can it say it carries the perception it is trustworthy?


Corruption in sport is just one of many types of fraud New Zealand’s first International Fraud Film Festival


Xi’s Agents of Fear Keep Party on Edge in Anti-Graft Fight As President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign enters its fifth year ore than 1 million officials have been punished as of the end of last month, according to government statistics.

China denounces those who say graft battle aimed at political foes


Stiglitz and Pieth Panama Papers report: a roadmap for global transparency in the 21st century By Max Heywood Transparency International on 15 November 2016. Notes recommendations in the report that are closely aligned with policies recommended by that anti-corruption advocates.

Hundreds of properties could be seized in UK corruption crackdown Hundreds of British properties suspected of belonging to corrupt politicians, tax evaders and criminals could be seized by enforcement agencies under tough new laws designed to tackle London’s reputation as a haven for dirty money

Overcoming the Shadow Economy International Policy Analysis by Joseph E Stiglitz and Mark Pieth. November 2016

TINZ in the media

Lessons learned from the Saudi sheep saga

Lessons learned from the Saudi sheep saga Of concern is that the judgement that the deal was within the law has the potential itself to raise eyebrows offshore - The Saudi contracts may be lawful but the optics are awful.

In case you missed it

12 September 2016


Transparency, civic participation vital for democracy, say leaders at UN (United Nations, Sep 21): Transparency and civic participation in decision-making are vital for democracy, the economy and sustainable development, government and civil society, leaders said on Tuesday as they celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) here.

Karl Kane and Richard Bartlett - E-Democracy With voter participation at an all-time low among digital natives is there a digital fix to a growing crisis of democratic participation? Richard Bartlett is a co-founder of group decision making tool Loomio and recently spent time in Taiwan where e-democracy is flourishing. Karl Kane is a Massey University lecturer in visual communication design and the director of the Design+Democracy Project which recently developed Vote Local to help young people identify mayoral candidates with similar priorities to themselves.

New book asks how much power the government should have Former Prime Minister, Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Dr Andrew Butler are seeking New Zealanders’ views about whether this country should have a written constitution and, if so, what should be in it.

Give me some election cash, and I'll promise to forget who you are: If you have a suspicious mind about the possible connections between donations to candidates and future decisions of elected officials, by the time you see the electoral returns, it'll be too late to do anything

Govt wants 'free and frank advice': PM Prime Minister John Key has laid down the law about the way ministers and public servants should interact, saying ministers may not always like the advice they receive, but they must listen to it carefully, respectfully and professionally.

Corporate transparency

A growing call from business for company ownership transparency: With the release of its latest Economic Contribution and Payments to Governments Report today, BHP Billiton becomes the latest in a growing list of companies and business leaders highlighting the importance of company ownership transparency, and starting to walk the talk by being transparent about elements of their own company structures, entities and ownership.

Corruption in New Zealand

'Unremorseful' Ngatata Love jailed for 2.5 years: Sir Ngatata Love could be stripped of his knighthood after being sentenced to jail for obtaining property by deception.

Corruption at council widespread - Crown: A rare prosecution of alleged corruption in the New Zealand public sector has heard of a claimed cascading culture of bribery that saw a senior Auckland Council manager collect $1.1 million and his subordinates taken for a $3000 lunch.

RM30mil more in cash found overseas: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) seized RM114 million worth of assets – RM53.7 million in cold cash from two senior Sabah Water Department officials. Six days later it traced RM30 million more to foreign banks and another RM30 million in land titles. Investigations led to the money trail in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

The Real Scandal Behind the Panama Papers: Governments and many in the corporate sector thrive on secrecy and do whatever they can to expand its scope. In contrast, among citizens in general there is a widely shared vision of an “open society.” It is a never-ending battle. Those of us who have grown up in a world where there is more than lip service to transparency are sometimes inclined to take it too much for granted—we don’t always appreciate its significance or its power. If nothing else, the experience in Panama is a reminder of how frightening transparency seems in the eyes of its enemies.

Citizen Yan strikes deal with police over $40 million of assets William Yan has reached a settlement with the police over the $40 million of assets seized following a money-laundering inquiry.

New Zealand housing crisis

Westpac and ANZ stop lending to foreign property buyers: Westpac and ANZ have stopped issuing home loans to foreign buyers in a move that could help first home buyers. A Westpac spokeswoman said the bank would no longer lend to non-resident borrowers with overseas income.

Police and officials warn of property laundering: Police research concludes a loophole is allowing lawyers, accountants and real estate agents to be increasingly used to launder $1.6 billion in dirty money annually - including into New Zealand's booming property markets.

Families with children now 53 percent of NZ's homeless: More than half of New Zealand's 41,000 homeless people are now families with children, according to new University of Otago research.

Mood of the Boardroom: Bosses to Government - act on housing: It's time the Government did more to dampen house price inflation, say 70 per cent of New Zealand chief executives.

Revealed: The truth about foreign buyers: Across all of New Zealand, 3 per cent of houses sold between January and March 2016 went to people who were not New Zealand citizens or holders of a residency, student or work visa.

Rachel Smalley: London's Sadiq Khan shows way on foreign house buyers: “Sadiq Khan is approaching this issue from the right angle, I think. He's seeking transparency. He's not anti-foreign investment. And he's not anti-Chinese. He's simply pro-transparency. He wants to get an accurate picture, and he's bypassed central government to do so. There's a lesson there.”


Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2016: Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Transparency Index, 2016.

France comes out on top in JLL’s Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Index: The FINANCIAL -- France has topped JLL’s Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Index for the first time, ranking in the “highly transparent” category alongside Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan, thanks to the consistent roll-out of legislated mandates to transition to a low carbon economy.

New Zealand 13th most competitive nation: New Zealand is the 13th most competitive country in the world, according to the 2016 Global Competitiveness Index.

In case you missed it

3 June 2016


Corruption in the Extractive Value Chain Typology of Risks

The great climate change rort


IMF: Corruption Costs Global Economy $2 Trillion a Year

UK launches first register in the world for foreign property owners

When a mafia expert tells us Britain is the most corrupt country in the world, it's time to start listening

OECD releases new anti-corruption toolkit OECD - Corruption in the extractive value chain: Typology of risks, mitigation, measures and Incentives

Ethical Business

Emmanual Lulin - Lawful Not Awful in The Listner

Questionable Immigrations

Kim Dotcom, China's 5th most wanted man and the wealthy Nat donors

Sherwan Inquiry

Panama Papers inquiry 'needn't limit scope'

Inquiry into foreign trust disclosure 'doesn't go far enough'

NZ's foreign trust review 'limited' NZ's foreign trust review slammed as 'limited' by Transparency International -

Shewan Inquiry gets advice on tightening trust regime

Transparency International NZ says the Government's foreign trust inquiry fails to address ... Transparency International NZ says the Government's foreign trust inquiry fails to address fundamental issues

No easy foreign trust fix seen

Government's weak trusts inquiry lambasted


Leading anti-corruption official resigns after FIFA changes

London Summit

Prime Minister John Key: New Zealand: a culture of fair play

Against Corruption: a collection of essays

Anti-Corruption Summit - London 2016 - New Zealand Country Statement

Shining a light on foreign trusts, guiding our professionals Leader's Statement: Suzanne Snively and Ferdinand Balfoort

Pledge for public registry at anti-corruption summit

NZ's corruption fight: 'The world has changed'

Global Declaration Against Corruption

NZ holds off signing up to anti-corruption agreement

New Zealand strengthens commitment to combat bribery following London Anti-Corruption Summit

Anti-corruption manifesto from World business and civil society leaders: why tackling corruption matters

Transparency International welcomes Anti-Corruption Summit pledges and calls for immediate action

Anti-Corruption Conference – London Ferdinand Balfoort, BIA Director, Global Services and TINZ representative

Countries pledge to fight graft by revealing who owns companies

Judith Collins attends Anti-corruption summit, but will NZ sign up to its new initiatives?

Panama Papers

Jay Kuten: Governing without the people

Panama Papers: The NZ- Kazakhstan connection

NZ law firms that lobbied government did business with Mossack Fonseca

Panama Papers: Banned Hong Kong businesswoman operating in NZ

Brazilian hid money through NZ firm

Panama Papers Response

Bracing for Panama Papers aftershock

Editorial: Transparency is the answer to corruption and in foreign trusts

From the Beehive: New Zealand complicit in tax dodging Rino Tirikatene if the Labour MP for Te Tai Tonga

IRD to look at new Panama Papers revelations

Editorial: Taxing questions to answer

New Zealand PM thrown out of parliament over Panama Papers

What’s blocking effective policy debate about New Zealand’s foreign trusts regime? Opinion: Ron Pol

5 steps to clean up foreign trusts Ron Pol

NZ Tax Rules Transparent, Revenue Minister Says

Opinion: More detergent please By Bernard Hickey - 8 June 2015

Key to accelerate Phase II of AML reforms

Want to end corruption? Crack down on tax havens. Offshore havens foster the disintegration of order in the world's poorest countries.

Key reiterates acceleration of AML round 2 Hive News Tuesday: Key reiterates acceleration of AML round 2; Bankers crack down on sharemilkers

Follow the Money: How Open Data and Investigative Journalism Can Beat Corruption

Five States Agree To Adopt New Tax Transparency Standard

In case you missed it

11 April 2016

The release of the Panama Papers resulted in a flood of media activity with Transparency International, the Corruption Perceptions Index and Transparency International New Zealand being quoted and interviewed at an unprecedented level in New Zealand. Here are some of the more informative articles.


Editorial: NZ and China can settle on extradition

China suspends G20 anti-corruption task force - sources


Despite court order, PNG's anti-fraud unit ordered to close

Transparency International New Zealand

Unrelated to the Panama Papers

YouTube Video of Suzanne Snively at the Tackling Poverty NZ workshop December 2015

Suzanne Snively on transparency and anti-corruption measures and their role in reducing poverty

The price of a good name — Suzanne Snively Interview by Patrick Smellie


Unaoil bribery scandal: New Zealand shell company linked to Unaoil scandal

There’s A Huge New Corporate Corruption Scandal. Here’s Why Everyone Should Care

Authorities in Monaco raid oil firm HQ in corruption investigation

Panama Papers - TINZ

Panama Papers reports featuring Transparency International New Zealand

'This isn't simply about tax... it's about how we look' Televison report including Suzanne Snively interview

Panama Papers called 'huge blow' to NZ's reputation

Panama Papers tax haven leak blow to NZ 'corruption-free' image, says Transparency

NZ urged to act on Panama Papers

Govt ignored foreign trust threat for over 15 years – TINZ

Ali and Willie talk with Tim Goodrick from KPMG and Transparency International about the Panama Papers

"Tax Haven" structures risk damage to well being

Panama Papers: New Zealand's trusted reputation demands changes to foreign trust rules

Panama Papers Fallout: New Zealand Starts Probe into Foreign Trusts

Panama Papers - International

International reports and reaction on the Panama Papers Website all about tax havens

United States: U.S. readies bank rule on shell companies amid "Panama Papers" fury

Transparency International calls for immediate action by world leaders to stop secret companies

Panama Papers: global tax officials to launch unprecedented inquiry

Blaze of Sunshine on Secretive Offshore Businesses — Time for Beneficial Ownership Transparency Huffington Post

Panama Papers and the United States Following the release of the Panama Papers and the public outrage that followed, Transparency International-USA has set up a web-page to explain the Panama Papers and anonymous companies and also how this affects ordinary people in the United States.

Money laundering: New law planned to target corrupt officials

More countries sign up to beneficial ownership transparency

Panama Papers expose UK role in global corruption

Secret company ownership: A global solution for a global challenge

'So what if Putin is corrupt?': Russia remains unmoved by offshore revelations

UK says more countries join plan to tackle tax evasion


Yes, there are legitimate uses of shell companies They still shouldn’t be secret

3 steps to stop secret companies

Panama Papers and the United States — What Can You Do? Transparency International-USA is advocating for an end to secret companies because it allows corruption to flourish

Authorities press for transparency in wake of Panama Papers

Panama Papers

Selected articles related to the Panama Papers and New Zealand

Welcome to NZ — 100% Pure tax haven Leak exposes the blind eye government is happily turning

New Zealand to Review Foreign Trusts in Wake of Panama Papers

No Legitimate Reason for Secretive New Zealand Trusts

'This isn't simply about tax... it's about how we look'

The Panama Papers and New Zealand's Politically-Exposed Persons

New Zealand is not Panama

Leak leaves stain on New Zealand's name Whatever denials Govt makes, NZ will struggle to shake the tax haven tag, reports Hamish Fletcher.

Mike's Minute: The Panama Papers

Govt can help put boot into tax dodgers

Media Beat Up Tim Fookes - Opinion

Key's vision – Switzerland south

NZ is not a tax haven

The Panama Papers, NZ and 'tax haven' ridiculousness

Ron Pol says 'tax haven' misses the point: New Zealand’s reputation offers a competitive advantage, and opportunity

PM on shaky ground over weak tax rules

Tax for the goose and the gander Heather du Plessis-Allan

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The War on wealth Bryce Edwards

Ten days down the road on Panama papers and NZ is still stalled

Govt serving interests of the rich

Pattrick Smellie: We'll miss trust after it's gone

Govt must close down offshore trust rort

Shamubeel Eaqub: Panama Papers show NZ is complicit in criminal behaviour

New Zealand to Review Foreign Trusts' Transparency

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said that the revelation that hundreds of world leaders have been storing assets in offshore accounts shows the need for more relaxed banking laws.

Panama papers: Mossack Fonseca 'bragged about lax New Zealand tax rules'

Kiwi at heart of Panama Papers leak 'certain' New Zealanders will be named interview with NBR,

New Zealand Continuing Tax Reform Push IRD Suggested Changes before Panama Papers

NZ linked to global tax evasion scheme

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Website of the consortium of journalists researching the Panama Papers

Ross Henderson: New Zealand's tax haven reputation an embarrassment

Tax havens aren't the problem, the lack of transparency is

Panama papers: Government under attack

You say tax haven, I say corruption port. Welcome to New Zealand

John Shewan joins Checkpoint

New Zealand Foreign Trusts: Chickens Coming Home to Roost

New Zealand cartoons about tax, transparency and the Panama papers

Political roundup: Remember Dirty Politics? Bryce Edwards

Foreign trusts hiding darker secrets than tax avoidance, says expert

John Shewan on Radio NZ (transcript)

In case you missed it

3 March 2016

Fifa confirms salary for Blatter

Overreaction? Editorial in

Calls of New Zealand being corrupt nothing but a beat-up

Chartered Accountants research shows "massive under reporting" of business corruption

The survey, involving 1000 New Zealand businesses of different sizes across industries countrywide, shows that only 51% of businesses would definitely report an illegal demand with larger firms more likely to do so than smaller ones. Survey, involving 1000 New Zealand businesses shows that bribery and corruption rates have risen significantly.


Countries Sign The TPP... Whatever Happened To The 'Debate' We Were Promised Before Signing?

TPP – it comes down to trust

TPP Press Release: Association of Salaried Medical Specialists: TPPA Impact on Health a Significant Concern

Transparency International

Unmask the Corrupt: Transparency International to pursue social sanctions on 9 grand corruption cases.

Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Legislation

Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Legislation ADLSI article by Daniel King and Sara Mead.

Saudi Sheep

More Questions Re Saudi Sheep: Press Release: New Zealand Taxpayers' Union

From the opposition: Government accused of 'corruption' over the Saudi sheep deal

Sports Corruption

CONCACAF lawyers warn of serious risks if reforms fail

FIFA faces day of reckoning as threats mount

TI fears Malaysia moving towards autocracy over 1MDB

TI fears Malaysia moving towards autocracy over 1MDB.Malaysia is at risk of going down the drain. It is a situation I have experienced in several countries around the world these past 30 years. Hard won gains along the road to transparency are reversed through a few stupid developments, and the lack of foresight and personal greed / powerhunger of political leaders. Good source for another article on a topic around corruption and country governance.

Corruption in Sport

REPORT LAUNCH - Global Corruption Report on Sport and results of football fan poll 23 February

Global Corruption Report: Sport

Global report on sport corruption praises Netball NZ


Government made 12,000 privacy requests to just 10 companies

Transparency project reveals thousands of govt info requests


New Zealand Herald: Corrupt migrants few and far between

Open Government Partnership

Radio New Zealand: Govt pays lip-service to transparency, says report

Lack of Public Consultation in Opening Up the Government

Report slams Nats 'openness' and 'transparency' - Curran

Privacy and Open Data information requests

'Surprising' number of requests - Privacy Commissioner on new survey findings

Why Denmark is least corrupt

Denmark’s 356-year long journey towards curbing corruption

Bryce Edwards Commentary

Political roundup: The Government's problem with transparency

From Thailand

People want tough corruption laws in charter - Poll