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2 February 2016

Publication of the 2015 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index receives wide coverage in New Zealand

Has NZ become more corrupt?

Tess Nichol (Herald): Stonewalling and strange deals: Has NZ become more corrupt?

NZ's anti-corruption record slipping

Hamish Rutherford (Stuff):After years ranked as the least corrupt country, New Zealand drops to fourth

NZ slips again in anti-corruption rankings

RNZ: New Zealand has slipped again, to fourth, in the latest anti-corruption global rankings.

Transparency survey finds corruption on the rise in NZ

Christina Campbell (Newstalk ZB)

NZ drops in corruption perception index

Simon Wong (TV3)

New Zealand tumbles down the political corruption table

Bryce Edwards (Herald)

Govt 'doing deals' at expense of transparency

Suzanne Snively joins Rachel Smalley to discuss corruption in New Zealand.

Freedom or corruption?

Editorial Otago Daily Times

NZ Loses Reputation

Labour Party: NZ loses squeaky clean corruption-free reputation

Is the New Zealand Government really clean?

Aaron Dahman Show: Is the New Zealand Government really clean? An exclusive report of corruption within the organisation


Has New Zealand turn[sic] into extra corrupt?

In case you missed it

Here are 10 ways to fight corruption

World Bank Blog

A Trade-Anticorruption Breakthrough?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Transparency and Anticorruption Chapter The Global Anticorruption Blog

Cricket seize opportunity for transparency

Cricket has the opportunity to be a truly transparent world sport; it should seize it

Government agencies charging for information requests

TINZ Board Member Bryce Edward's column.

Wynyard Group signs Thailand's Anti-Corruption Commission

New Zealand's Wynyard Group has signed a contract with the Thai Anti-Corruption Commission to use its software to prevent and combat internal corruption in the government.

2015 Annual General Meeting

Chair's Annual Report at the AGM and Audited Financials for 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015

In case you missed it

6 October 2015

Serious Fraud Office investigating multiple corruption claims

New laws have put four Kiwi firms under the spotlight, writes Richard Meadows published in

The Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Legislation Bill passed

New Zealand strengthens law on organised crime, graft

Parliament passes Anti-corruption Bill

UNCAC conference of state parties

Transparency International Media Release UN Anti-corruption Convention at a crossroads Governments need to work more closely with civil society

John Key on EU trade negotiations

New Zealand Herald: John Key: Negotiation tactics with EU likely to be more transparent

TI on G20 countries crime fighting

Media Release: Transparency International report shows G20 countries fail to keep their promises on fighting crime

In case you missed it

13 September 2015

'Facilitation payment' does not condone bribes - Govt

Political commentary from Radio New Zealand: The New Zealand government says it is not condoning bribery and corruption in other jurisdictions by allowing some so-called 'facilitation payments' to foreign officials.

'Corruption is an issue of our times' says TI head

Corruption is truly a key global issue, the head of Transparency International has told students at an elite international relations school in Switzerland. Read more.

NZ Tops Open Government Budget Survey

Government's books top transparency list


Transparency International: Criminal investigation must force Sepp Blatter out of FIFA

FIFA reform campaigners call on SFO to ‘follow the money’ more urgently

FIFA reform campaigners have called on the British authorities to do more to “follow the money” and help United States and Swiss investigators tackle corruption at world football’s governing body. The Guardian.

TPPA transparency

Even TPPA supporters want more transparency

Why September 2015 matters much in the global battle on routing out corruption. By Frank Vogl a co-founder of Transparency International

Corruption crisis in Malaysia

Transparency International: Malaysia facing major corruption crisis.

Prime Minister's commitment to anti-corruption

Prime Minister attempt at humour raises questions about his commitment to eliminating corruption.

Auditor-General's Saudi sheep probe

Auditor-General Lyn Provost probes Saudi live sheep scandal article by Pattrick Smellie.

OGP editorial

Government transparency consultation period an 'insult' Pattrick Smellie.

Suzanne Snively radio interview regarding Saudi sheep

Click here to listen to Suzanne's Radio Interview

Letter to the editor

The Charter Accounts magazine Acuity published a letter to the editor by Suzanne Snively in August 2015. Read a copy of her comments.

In case you missed it

12 July 2015

New Zealand increasing aid to the Pacific

New Zealand has announced it is increasing its aid to the Pacific by an additional $NZ100 million over the next three years. Coverage on

Open Government Partnership

From the ssc website, 2013 Ministry of Justice Cabinet Paper Proposal to Join the Open Governemnt Partnership. Copy on TINZ website.

New Zealand not immune to FIFA scandal?

Former New Zealand football official Charlie Dempsey allegedly involved in FIFA corruption scandal.

Saudi Sheep Transaction: Where is the Transparency?

The lack of transparency in the Saudi sheep deal could deliver a body blow to New Zealand Read the full media release

Government squandering critical opportunity

Let’s not squander that reputation and good will by paying mere lip service to the principles of open government.

New Zealand: Take Leadership Role in Fighting Sport Corruption

New Zealand must use its untarnished reputation in sport to help root out corrupt practices in International Football says TINZ's chair Suzanne Snively.

TI Managing Director Cobus de Swardt Talk

TI Managing Director Cobus de Swardt visited Australia after the IACC. Here is a video of his talk in Melbourne.

In Case You Missed It

7 July 2015

Resource Curse

With more than 20 countries possessing bountiful oil and mineral deposits, Africa is home to more resource-rich states than any other region in the world. Yet, living conditions for most citizens remain dismal as a result of inequitable distribution. The Pacific region faces nearly identical issues. Read this very succinct and helpful report.

Tonga MPs Join Worldwide Network to Tackle Corruption

Media Release 13 May 2015: Parliamentarians in Tonga join the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) and commit to working together to combat corruption, strengthen good government and uphold the rule of law.

Bribery and corruption report should be 'wake-up call'

30 April 2015 by TINZ Director Daniel King: OPINION: Bribery and corruption risks are a serious threat, according to a recent Deloitte survey of Australian and New Zealand companies and organisations.

Auckland Council moves to improve transparency Council moves to improve transparency


Business News

New Zealand Companies are Behind in Release of Transparency of Their Privacy Information The Dominion Post, 18 April 2015 - NZ companies lost in the fog on release of private data. The article notes that releasing privacy information provides protection against government abuse of data request authority.

Listing and Transparency 17, April 2015 - Companies more transparent when they’re listed.

Four Things to Look for in Open Government in the Next Five Years

Four Things to Look for in Open Government in the Next Five Years comments by Resources 4 Development Managing Director Nathaniel Heller.

In Case You Missed It

4 March 2015

TINZ 2013-2014 Annual Report

Transparency International New Zealand's 2013-2014 Annual Report has been published and is now available on our website.

China UnionPay Creates Money Laundering Risk

China UnionPay, a money transfer system that has raised fears of money-laundering overseas, is being considered by Immigration New Zealand as an acceptable means for wealthy Chinese applicants to bring cash to New Zealand. An internal research report in 2008 by the People's Bank of China identified UnionPay cards as one of the main tools that corrupt individuals used to facilitate cross-border transfer of funds. Read the story by Lincoln Tan, in The New Zealand Herald. Courtesy of the Asia-Pacific Integrity in Action network.

New Zealand Poor Ranking in Climate Change

New Zealand rated 'poor' in climate change report, ranked just above China

PNG anti-corruption taskforce broke after making allegations against Prime Minister Peter O'Neill

As reported by ABC News Australia. The most successful anti-corruption initiative in Papua New Guinea's history has been starved of funding and is broke, as a result of allegations made against Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

This is why our support of the Pacific Region is so important. (source TI-Australia)

Anti-Corruption white paper published by GoodCorporation

A white paper released by GoodCorporation found that three years after the UK Bribery Act came into force, businesses are still struggling to implement the procedures necessary to prevent corruption, with over a third of almost 3,000 anti-corruption controls assessed by GoodCorporation graded inadequate. (source: TI-Australia)

Petition on Trade Deal Finally Heard

Article on Radio NZ

Secrecy Breeds Corruption

Transparency International blog related to its Unmask the Corrupt campaign calling for governments to eliminate the secrecy of shell companies as a way to stop corruption and to ensure that there is greater oversight and due diligence when suspicious customers attempt to buy expensive real estate properties and luxury goods.

Northern shadows: Norway Doesn’t Always Practise what it Preaches

Transparency International blog regarding Norway's international challenges to fighting corruption. How much of this applies to New Zealand?

Australian companies failing to report suspected corruption Sydney Morning Herald