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A distant dream – Watch this space – Exporting Corruption webinar

12 September 2020

Transparency International New Zealand will host a free webinar in October, for the launch of this year’s Exporting Corruption Report. This will focus on Australasian results, and include a presentation from Professor John Hopkins, the author of the NZ chapter in the report.

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Counting People – the 2018 Census

24 September 2019

Julie Haggie

Poor outcomes from the 2018 census have highlighted its pivotal role in New Zealand’s data ecosystem. An accurate comprehensive census is critical to an open, transparent and inclusive democracy. All 16 recommendations provided in an independent review have been accepted by Stats NZ. 

The 2018 Census had lower response rates, with participation within the Māori and Pasifika communities particularly troubling.

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Democracy facing global challenges

3 June 2019

V-Dem 2019 democracy report released

In May the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) project released its latest report “Democracy Facing Global Challenges” – V-Dem Annual Democracy Report 2019. The report highlights that democratic declines now affect more countries than ever before. Most democracies remain resilient despite challenges such as the financial crises and the rampant spread of fake news on social media.

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Anti-Corruption Summit Pledge Tracker – New Zealand update

3 June 2019

At the 2016 Global Anti-Corruption Summit in London (ACS), New Zealand made specific commitments or pledges towards eliminating corruption. Progress towards implementing these pledges has since been monitored by Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ).

It was clear at the time that the pledges could be more ambitious. Even so, for many commonwealth countries is was a realistic place to get started.

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NZ’s reputation: perception or reality

7 May 2019

Rebecca Smith

Director, New Zealand Story

Corruption Perceptions Index

New Zealand has again been ranked as having one of the least corrupt public sectors and judiciaries in the World. New Zealand ranks second after Denmark in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index (TI-CPI) released in January 2019. The TI-CPI measures comparative levels of corruption as perceived by those who have dealings with governments at any level.

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Whistleblower survey findings

14 March 2019

Michael Macaulay

Whistling While They Work 2 is the largest research project on whistleblowing ever undertaken. Public, private and not for profit sectors in New Zealand and Australia participated. It has helped conversations in New Zealand, around updating the Protected Disclosures Act. Furthermore, a number of Australian jurisdictions have directly cited the project in legislative changes. 

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Human Rights: Measuring what matters!

14 December 2018

Thalia Kehoe Rowden

Communications Lead, Human Rights Measurement Initiative

Motu Economic and Public Policy Research

How good is Guatemala or Greenland at respecting human rights? Who are the best performers in the world, and the worst? What are New Zealand’s or Nigeria’s main human rights challenges? Where should activists, investors and ambassadors target their influence?

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Employees given insufficient ethical support

14 December 2018

Guy Somerset

Senior Communications Advisor

Victoria University of Wellington

Only 29% of New Zealand employees surveyed say their organisation has a comprehensive ethics programme, while 10% say their organisation has none at all.

This Ethics at Work: 2018 survey of employees – Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom originated from the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) in 2005.

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Ethics at work: Survey of employees 2018

10 November 2018

The first ever New Zealand findings from the international survey ‘The Ethics at Work: Survey of Employees 2018′ will be revealed on 28 November.  This event will analyse employees’ perceptions of ethics in the workplace and the challenges faced by organisations. 


Philippa Foster-Back, CBE, Director of the Institute of Business Ethics, from the UK,

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New Zealand needs increased efforts to fight foreign bribery

5 October 2018

Just released report shows that New Zealand has made little progress since its 2015 ranking of “limited enforcement.”

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