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TINZ submission on Reinvigorating Local Democracy discussion paper

17 December 2019


Our December 2019 submission Submission on reinvigorating local democracy to Local Government New Zealand.

Comments on several topics. One particular point is that change needs to include strategic, outcome and cost benefit analyses. And there are already current models operating.

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Local Elections Questions

24 September 2019

The response to Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ)’s local candidate questions has been solid.

TINZ designed six sets of questions to be used by voters when talking with a candidate standing for local body election. We sent these to a large number of the candidates around New Zealand. 

Many candidates indicated they appreciated the unique approach and acknowledged the call for integrity and transparency from our elected officials.


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Local Body Elections: Questions for Candidates

28 August 2019

Get to know your candidates!  To help, Transparency International New Zealand has designed five sets of questions that can be used when talking with a local body candidate.

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Elections 2019 Questions to ask candidates

9 August 2019

Julie Haggie

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) has designed sets of questions that can be used when talking with a local body candidate.

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Local government committed to transparency through CouncilMARK™

5 July 2019

Dan Henderson
CouncilMARK™ Programme Manger
Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ)

CouncilMARK™ is a programme designed by the local government sector to show and grow the value of local government in New Zealand and embraces the principle of continuous improvement to deliver ratepayer value.

 The programme was launched following the New Zealand Local Government Survey completed by LGNZ in 2014.

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Voter turnout and E-voting trials

14 December 2018

Karen Webster

By Dr Karen Webster
TINZ Member with delegated authority responsible for local government
The voter turnout challenge

Voter turnout in New Zealand’s local government elections has been declining nationally since 1992. This followed a peak of 52.8% at the 1989 introduction of postal voting. Turnout reached a low of 42% in 2013 and then stabilised at 43% in 2016.

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CouncilMARK™ evaluating and communicating local government performance

11 February 2018

Local government plays an incredibly important role in ensuring New Zealand communities are able to thrive and in shaping and protecting the places where New Zealanders live, work and play.

Councils across New Zealand hold assets worth $124 billion, employ 30,000 people and are responsible for 11 per cent of all public spending, including on roads, transport, water and emergency management.

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TINZ Releases Anti-Corruption Training

24 October 2013

TINZ Releases Anti-Corruption Training In partnership with The SFO and BusinessNZ

Recognizing bribery, understanding how to deal with it, and complying with anti-bribery laws is growing in importance in all business environments.

Transparency New Zealand in partnership with The Serious Fraud Office and BusinessNZ is releasing a free online training module Anti-Corruption Training.

Anti-Corruption Training.

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