Open Government Partnership (OGP) Articles

Open Government: Persistent concerns must be addressed

9 April 2020

Keitha Booth

New Zealand needs to address long-standing open government engagement and content issues in its next Open Government Partnership National Action Plan. The government and the public need to work together to resolve these issues so that more New Zealanders participate in New Zealand’s democracy.

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OGP action planning: Not a good start

16 March 2020

If last week’s Open Government Partnership Fourth National Action Plan workshop is any indication, New Zealand’s next plan will be the same as the last three, full of activities that are either ‘business as usual’ that should have occurred anyway, or  ‘side projects’ delivered on a wing-and-a-prayer.

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OGP requires democratic involvement in government

16 March 2020

David Dunsheath

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) aims to ensure the current biennial engagement of the public in OGP will develop into more continuous involvement of civil society under a wider Open Government strategy.

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Open Government Partnership: Schedule for interactions

20 February 2020

A schedule of New Zealand Open Government Partnership activities designed to show an overview of the process steps and to allow everyone to anticipate the short review cycles and be better prepared.

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Open Government Partnership: Time for a different approach

20 February 2020

As we enter the community consultation phase to draft a new Open Government Partnership National Action Plan (2020-2022) for New Zealand, we know the current methods of engagement aren’t working and don’t lead to actions that truly reflect the aspirations of civil society. 

Is it time to consider a different approach?

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New Zealand’s Open Government Partnership

17 February 2020

New Zealand is developing it’s fourth Open Government Partnership National Action Plan.

Here is an update about planned events and a suggestion for areas where transformative initiatives are called for.

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TINZ submission on Engagement Process for the Open Government Partnership 4th National Action Plan

17 December 2019


This TINZ submission argues for greater engagement (involvement) of civil society in the development and implementation of New Zealand’s Open Government Partnership (OGP), 4th National Action Plan 2200-2022 (NAP-4). 

This plan comprises a commitment to the government’s international OGP agreement, to create greater transparency, increasing civic participation and use of new technologies to make government more open, effective, and accountable.


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Open Government Partnership: Review for public comment

2 October 2019

The New Zealand Government’s current Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan (2018-2020), has been independently reviewed by the OGP International Reporting Mechanism (IRM). 

You are invited to comment on this important IRM Report, by Monday 14 October. 

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“She’ll be right” will not protect New Zealand’s democracy

1 September 2019

The survival of New Zealand’s democracy faces unprecedented threats over the next thirty years. A kiwi characteristic that could severely impede our capacity to respond, is the complacency of “she’ll be right”. Actually, it won’t be! Democracies need to be nurtured and supported – or risk having them turn into something else. There are four critical steps to shore up our democracy and sustain it.

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Open Government: Getting It Right

8 August 2019

An Open Government partnership event from the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University in Wellington will be held on 27 September 2019.

Keitha Booth, New Zealand’s IRM, will launch her latest report reviewing the design of New Zealand’s 2018-2020 Open Government Partnership National Action Plan.

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