Open Government Partnership (OGP) Articles

Submissions on the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2016-18

21 August 2017

On 1 August TINZ submitted feedback on the draft Open Government Partnership National Action Plan mid-term self-assessment.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international agreement by governments committed to creating greater transparency, increasing civic participation and using new technologies to make government more open, effective, and accountable, refer to .

The OGP calls for scheduled self-assessment progress reports on each member’s implementation of its National Action Plan (NAP). 

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Open Government Partnership report on New Zealand’s first action plan

9 March 2017

At the end of February 2017, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the end of term report for New Zealand’s first National Action Plan (NAP). The report covers the full action plan implementation period of 1 July 2014 through 30 June 2016.

In the summary of findings from the IRM researcher Steven Price, it is noted that: “the government’s process falls short of OGP’s co-creation guidelines,

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The Second Open Government Partnership National Action Plan has been released

30 October 2016

On 22 October, 2016 State Services Minister Paula Bennett announced New Zealand's second Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan for 2016-18 (NAP).


This plan is a solid road map to achieving more openness in government and will foster greater public participation in government.

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Open Government Partnership Summary Report Asia Pacific Regional Dialogue 21 22 July 2016

4 October 2016


Kia ora koutou,

In July I had the privilege to attend this dialogueue in Manila, funded by the Asian Development Bank.

The official report is attached – I would add one comment: possibly the most impressive part of the whole session was to see country reports being made jointly by government and civil society representatives,

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Open Government Partnership Update

12 September 2016

There has been a flurry of activity over the last couple of months as the Government scrambles to release New Zealand’s second Open Government Partnership National Action Plan by the October deadline.

In August, TINZ submitted recommendations for New Zealand’s second Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan (NAP). Among the recommendations were a call for more ambition in creating the next NAP and developing channels of communication for improving engagement with citizens.

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Independent assessment of New Zealand’s Open Government Partnership Action Plan progress

28 February 2016

A draft of the independent review of New Zealand's Open Government Partnership National Action Plan is now available for public comment.

This report is part of the Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) established by the Open Government Partnership.

The draft report is critical of the progress made. It states that at midterm, New Zealand has made some progress in achieving its commitments.

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Court quashes ‘blanket approach’ to rejection of request for TPPA information

26 October 2015

The Honourable Justice Collins has quashed the Minister of Trade’s decision not to release information relating to the TPPA under the OIA to Auckland University Law Professor Jane Kelsey, “one of New Zealand’s most assiduous critics of the TPP Agreement”.

Professor Kelsey, along with several other applicants, challenged the Minister’s decision in the High Court to refuse her request for information associated with the TPPA negotiations which was recently agreed.

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Advisory Group for Open Government Partnership appointed

6 October 2015

On 4 August 2015 State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie announced the appointment of a new Stakeholder Advisory Group formed to provide input into New Zealand’s Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action plan.

According to the announcement “The Stakeholder Advisory Group will assist with the development, implementation and evaluation of the commitments in New Zealand’s Action Plans by providing constructive advice,

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Stakeholder Advisory Group update

6 October 2015

Iain Rennie, the State Services Commissioner, recently hosted a meeting of officials and the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) to review the progress of the 2014 OGP New Zealand Action Plan commitments and the Self Assessment Report draft to be completed by mid October. The SAG Chairman Fuimaono Tuiasau, also a Director of TINZ, said “the current 2014 Action Plan which runs out mid 2016,

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