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Expired: Comment now on draft OGP progress report

31 January 2018

URGENT: Comment now on the Year-One Progress Report for New Zealand’s Open Government Partnership 2016-2018 National Action Plan.

A draft of the Year-One Progress Report on New Zealand’s National Action Plan (NAP) 2016-2018 is available for public comment.  The comment period ends on 5 February; review the draft and comment here.

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Hon Clare Curran interviewed by Mark Sainsbury

9 December 2017

Member of Parliament Claire Curran interviewed by Mark Sainsbury.

Curran has the  portfolios of Minister of Broadcasting, Communications, and Digital Media and Minister for Government Digital Services along with an associate portfolio for the State Services Commission.

In this audio interview Curran commits to transparency and expresses willingness to work with Transparency International New Zealand for better practices around transparency.  She also acknowledges the need for conversations about the Protected Disclosures Act

Audio courtesy of RadioLive New Zealand

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TINZ New Year’s Wishes

10 November 2017

TINZ Staff

New Governments tend to bring with them fresh optimism and hope for further reform, and New Zealand is no exception.  We are very pleased with the commitments this government has made for better practices around issues of transparency.  Several Members of Parliament have promised to work directly with Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) in advancing our mutual corruption prevention interests.

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Open Government Partnership: submissions update

7 November 2017

David Dunsheath

Delegated authority for Parliamentary Relations

Newsletter Co-Editor

TINZ recently provided requested feedback on two elements of New Zealand’s ‘Open Government Partnership’ (OGP) National Action Plan 2016-18

Open Government Data Dashboard prototype – October submission

On 20 October 2017 TINZ submitted feedback on the a draft Open Data Dashboard.

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Treasury’s Financial Statements of the Government: revealed in lock-up

6 November 2017

George White

TINZ Communications and Research Analyst

I represented Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) at the October 5th Treasury lock-up for the Financial Statements of the Government (FSG). This event is intended to brief the media and interested organisations just prior to general release of the FSG.

Central government’s financial statements were provided to attendees,

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Open Government Partnership interim update

25 October 2017

URGENT – Have your say on progress of the Open Government Partnership’s National Action Plan 2016-18

Progress reporting on the New Zealand Open Government Partnership’s National Action Plan 2016-18 is now online. It will be updated quarterly.

The recently appointed Open Government Partnership (OGP) ‘Independent Reporter’ for New Zealand, Keitha Booth, is tasked with reporting to OGP headquarters in Washington.

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Submission on Prototype Dashboard for public performance reporting

20 October 2017


Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) welcomes development of a dashboard as a means of providing civil society with an overview of government agencies’ performance.

In response to the request for feedback on the prototype design of the dashboard TINZ made 10 recommendations to make the dashboard more accessible and understandable.

We applaud the development of the prototype dashboard and look forward to further enhancement in order to reliably inform civil society of the government’s progress towards its overall open data goal.

Read the full OGP data dashboard TINZ submission 20 Oct 2017.

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Open Government Data Dashboard prototype now available for public feedback

2 October 2017

One of the milestones within New Zealand’s Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan (NAP) 2016-18, requires development of a public ‘data dashboard’ for reporting against NAP goals. A prototype dashboard is now available on the website to initiate public discussion including a request for feedback by 20 October 2017. Elements of OGP Commitment 4,

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Submissions on the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2016-18

21 August 2017

On 1 August TINZ submitted feedback on the draft Open Government Partnership National Action Plan mid-term self-assessment.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international agreement by governments committed to creating greater transparency, increasing civic participation and using new technologies to make government more open, effective, and accountable, refer to .

The OGP calls for scheduled self-assessment progress reports on each member’s implementation of its National Action Plan (NAP). 

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