Political Party Financing Articles

Transparency of Political Party Funding Essential

25 November 2019

Transparency of political party funding is essential to provide clarity about who is influencing decision making.

The lack of transparency is putting New Zealand’s reputation for strong integrity at serious risk. It erodes trust in our elected representatives, degrades our financial well-being, and impacts on our society and how it works together.

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Is New Zealand becoming a plutocracy?

30 October 2019

We are wary of the potential for good government to be compromised by complacency. Make no mistake about it: despite New Zealand’s reputation for low corruption and high quality civil service, the country is surprisingly vulnerable to capture by monied interests.

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Regulating money in New Zealand politics

26 February 2019

by Simon Chapple
Director, Institute for Governance and Policy Studies
Victoria University of Wellington

In the aftermath of the controversy surrounding former MP Jami-Lee Ross and opposition National party leader Simon Bridges, discussions have focused on possible reforms of political donations in New Zealand.

My colleagues Bryce Edwards and Michael Macaulay have raised the issue of taxpayer funding of political parties.

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Porous line between political access and political influence

10 November 2018

Michael Macaulay

Dr Michael Macaulay

TINZ Member with Delegated Authority

Open Government Partnership

Associate Professor Michael Macaulay is in the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington and has written extensively about integrity, ethics and anti-corruption.

OPINION: The latest furore about political party donations is yet another manifestation of an ongoing issue. 

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