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Omertà in sports

1 August 2016

Josephine Serrallach TINZ Director

by Josephine Serrallach

TINZ Director

Is Omertà present in the changing rooms of New Zealand sports clubs and Olympic teams?

Omertà is a “code of honour” that places importance on silence, non-cooperation with authorities, and non-interference in the illegal actions of others. This code,

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The temptation of corruption in sport

5 July 2016

by James Brown

TINZ Director

Specialising on preventing sports corruption

Corruption in sport can be broken into two areas: namely competition and management corruption. Competition corruption includes doping, performance enhancing drugs and match manipulation. Management corruption involves accepting personal payments and expensive perks in return for awarding venues and preferential sponsorships.


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Corruption in Sport

26 May 2016

by James Brown

TINZ delegated authority for Sport

At its best, sport is about the honourable pursuit of victory. It is not just about playing by the rules; it is also about playing within the spirit of the rules. It requires sportsmanship, fair play, playing clean, and respect. Ethics violations and the desire to win at any cost threaten the inherent value of sport around the globe.

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Netball New Zealand a winner in sport governance

24 February 2016


Transparency International’s just released Global Corruption Report: Sport praises Netball New Zealand for its governance structure. This report is an analysis of the root causes of corruption in sport and offers recommendations of what can be done to fix it.

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Global Corruption Report: Sport

18 February 2016

Transparency International released its Global Corruption Report: Sport in late February.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the root causes of corruption across sport, presenting key participants’ perspectives side by side, as well as the work of TI national chapters on the ground. This report offers recommendations of what can be done to fix corruption within sport,

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Corruption in sport with Peter Miskimmin

27 August 2015

Video Interview about corruption in sport. Peter Miskimmin CEO of Sport NZ is interviewed by TINZ board member Mark Sainsbury

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New Zealand: Take Leadership Role in Fighting Sport Corruption

8 June 2015


New Zealand must use its untarnished reputation in sport to help root out corrupt practices in International Football says Transparency International’s New Zealand chair Suzanne Snively.

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Bribery and Corruption Undermine Sport

28 May 2015


The arrest of some of the most powerful figures in global football on bribery and corruption charges is a wakeup call for New Zealand

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Transparency International Announces Corruption in Sport Initiative

13 April 2015

“Few people are unaware of the magnitude of sport as a global industry, with revenues larger than China’s military budget or the nominal GDP of more than two-thirds of the world’s countries,” leads Transparency International’s Press Release.

The release continues, “Almost all of us play a part in it as participants, spectators or taxpayers.

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New Zealand Sports Governance is strong from an international perspective

24 October 2014

“New Zealand leads the world in many areas when it comes to prevention of corruption in sports,” concluded Josephine Serrallach, who attended a workshop on Corruption in Sport, organised by Transparency International at its Annual Members Meeting held this year in October in Berlin.

Contribution by a number of countries to the workshop highlighted the great differences in the behaviours of sports associations in relation to their response to corruption situations.

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