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Clinical trial transparency – TINZ influencing for positive change

8 August 2019

The Ministry of Health has recently advised that it believes there is benefit to New Zealand in signing the the World Health Organisation (WHO) joint statement on public disclosure of results from clinical trials. This would demonstrate leadership in the sector towards the principles of transparency.

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Standing with the Muslim Community

16 March 2019

Transparency International New Zealand stands beside the Muslim communities of New Zealand, and we uphold the values of kindness, tolerance and aroha.

We extend our condolences and prayers to New Zealand’s Muslim communities and particularly the families affected by the horror in Christchurch.

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Ministerial diary publication strengthens transparency

11 December 2018

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) is encouraged by the public release of ministerial diaries. We applaud actions, such as the release of official information to the public, that lead to a stronger New Zealand integrity system.

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Scientific research – a question of integrity

7 September 2018

Josephine Serrallach

Josephine Serrallach

TINZ Director

Corruption Perceptions Index, Global TI Relationships, Sport Integrity

Transparency International New Zealand congratulates the Royal Society for its National Research Charter for Aotearoa New Zealand. This initiative has been developed via a collaborative model with research organisations and funders. It sets out the principles underpinning sound research practice in Aotearoa.

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Trust, transparency and business

31 May 2018

Declan Mordaunt

Declan Mordaunt
TINZ Member with Delegated Authority for T20 Professional Services Network

Under the title of “the Trust Crisis”, the April/May Edition of Acuity (the magazine of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand) contains two articles on the topic of trust and business. Each emphasises the important role of trust for businesses and the need for transparency.

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Momentum building on lobbyists transparency

12 March 2018

Bryce Edwards

TINZ delegated authority including political party integrity

Transparency issues in New Zealand are suddenly gaining serious momentum  mostly due to the change of government. Not all  the changes are positive.

An important development has been the Green Party decision to make public the appointment diaries of its Ministers and to ban all of its MPs and staff from accepting gifts..

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Publication cover Bridges Both Ways by Max Rashbrooke

Bridges Both Ways – Transforming the openness of New Zealand government

5 July 2017

Michael Macaulay

Review by Michael Macaulay

Associate Professor at the School of Government, Victoria University

TINZ delegated authority for Open Government Partnership

Bridges Both Ways—Transforming the openness of New Zealand government written by Max Rashbrooke, is a new report that looks at New Zealand’s record on openness, public transparency, political participation and anti-corruption policies.

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Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment Lead

9 December 2013

Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand
National Integrity System Assessment

The Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment was released by Transparency International New Zealand on International Anti-Corruption Day, 9 December 2013.

This landmark report reveals that serious and urgent action is needed to protect and extend integrity in New Zealand.

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New Zealand Joins The Open Government Partnership Media Release

19 September 2013


Transparency International New Zealand Welcomes Prime Minister’s News: NZ to join Open Government Partnership.

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No Complacency for Corruption on Anniversary of 100 Years of Public Service Act TINZ PR 2013

1 April 2013

TINZ Press Release 1 April 2013: The New Zealand public sector has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the least corrupt in the world. On the day of its 100th Anniversary, Transparency International (New Zealand) warns that there is no room for complacency in the quest towards higher standards of governance.

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