Whistleblowing Articles

Protected Disclosures update

6 July 2020

Julie Haggie

For the effectiveness of the Protective Disclosures Bill as it currently stands before Parliament, the proof will be in the pudding. It will be important to have more rigorous monitoring of whistleblowing events and outcomes to determine if the new legislation actually encourages more people to speak up.

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Clean as a Whistle – Whistleblowing lessons for New Zealand

9 November 2019

A New Zealand focussed whistleblowing report was launched in December. It identifies current issues and also offers tips for best practice on developing positive workplace interventions.

Five levels of recommendations are provided for overdue reform of the Protected Disclosures Act (2000). 

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Lessons for New Zealand – Whistleblowing report launch event

9 August 2019

“Lessons for New Zealand” a whistleblowing report will be released on 4 December. The report by Professor Michael Macaulay details New Zealand results from the ‘Whistling While They Work 2’ project.

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Clean as a whistle: a five step guide to better whistleblowing policy and practice

8 August 2019

A report advising on best practice for whistleblowing procedures – including establishing new forms of oversight – was launched this week.  Read the results of a major three year study across the public, private and not-for profit sectors

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Clean as a whistle a five step guide to better whistleblowing policy and practice in business and government

7 August 2019


Whistling While They Work 2 – key findings and actions published August 2019

This report presents key findings and actions flowing from the research project Whistling While They Work 2: Improving managerial responses to whistleblowing in public and private sector organisations – one of the world’s largest studies into whistleblowing, and the first large-scale project to focus on management of whistleblowing across business and government.

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Whistleblowing in the news…

5 July 2019

Steve Snively
Transparency Times
World Whistleblowers Day – 23 June 

World Whistleblowers Day is an international observance held on June 23 every year. Its main goal is to raise public awareness about the important role of whistleblowers in combating corruption and maintaining national security.

According to the Transparency International media release “This year,

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Whistleblower survey findings

14 March 2019

Michael Macaulay

Whistling While They Work 2 is the largest research project on whistleblowing ever undertaken. Public, private and not for profit sectors in New Zealand and Australia participated. It has helped conversations in New Zealand, around updating the Protected Disclosures Act. Furthermore, a number of Australian jurisdictions have directly cited the project in legislative changes. 

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Protected Disclosures Act review 2018

14 December 2018

Julie Haggie
Chief Executive Officer TINZ

The State Services Commission (SSC) is conducting a review of the Protected Disclosures Act 2000.  It has sought public feedback on five options for change to encourage all New Zealanders to share their views on the benefits and risks of different proposals.

The consultation closes on 16 December.

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Protected Disclosure Act 2000 Review 2018 TINZ Submission

10 December 2018


Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ)’s submission to the Protected Disclosure Act 2000 Review 2018 It includes input and oversight by experts in the field, including Professor Michael Macaulay whose team recently released “Whistling while they Work 2” research, Debbie Gee who researched the Ministry of Transport case, as well as Suzanne Snively and Brendon Wilson.

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Debbie Gee: TINZ Member with Delegated Authority for Whistleblowing, Affiliations, and OPG

Lessons learnt from Ministry of Transport fraud case

7 August 2018

Debbie Gee

TINZ Member with Delegated Authority for Whistleblowing

The high-profile $725,000 fraud perpetrated at the Ministry of Transport by its former GM Organisational Development Joanne Harrison had many victims.

  • Those Ministry staff who tried to escalate her continued non-compliance were ignored and subsequently disadvantaged through Harrison’s actions.
  • Former colleagues,
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