David Howman’s support of sporting integrity

David Howman

by Mark Sainsbury

TINZ Director

Having David Howman at your board meeting is like listening to a secret witness at a mafia extortion trial. You can’t believe the extent of the corruption you hear about and to be honest, you wonder how the witness got out alive.

Being Director General of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) since 2003 put Wellington lawyer and sports nut David Howman very much in the line of fire. There were death threats and political pressures and the fight to get the job done while being deliberately underfunded. What saved his sanity and possibly his life was his kiwiness. And there’s no secret testimony from Howman—simply the view that transparency in sport like in any other sphere of life is essential.

Mark Sainsbury

Everyone who heard David speak to our board meeting came away both shocked and impressed. Shocked at the scale of corruption in sport but impressed that here was someone willing to stand up and talk about it. David has since finished his tenure at WADA but has been co-opted to chair the new Integrity Unit for World Athletics.

Given what he has to say and its importance, I interviewed him for my Radiolive Morning Talk show. We are happy to share that with you. He needs to be heard.


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