Director Profile: Henry Lynch

Henry Lynch, TINZ Director, Financial Sector / Integrity in Sport

Henry Lynch

TINZ Director and Deputy Chair

Responsible for Financial Sector, and integrity in sport

Henry Lynch became a member of Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) after growing awareness of its annual publicity and analysis of New Zealand’s rankings on the International Corruption Perceptions Index. He was elected as a Director in May 2018.

Henry was attracted by the thought leadership that TINZ offers for the benefit of New Zealand Inc. “What I mean by this is, if you get NZ aligned on these areas of values, society and civic values, the whole country benefits”.

Henry is an experienced CEO and Director. He is a Founder and Director of Faraday & Company which specialises in assisting business to set up professional advisory Boards.

Henry is currently the chair of a number of organisations and also advises boards and companies on a number of strategic areas. Outside of these activities, Henry practices and teaches Aikido, a martial art where he holds a 6th degree black belt. He also loves to read, and walk.  

Henry offers some insights to the following questions.

Q: How do you think corruption affects New Zealand?

In numerous areas. It’s not just a dollar matter, it’s about how we understand the impact on relationships, business and society as a whole. Corruption adds costs to business and government which in turn adds costs to consumers and burdens taxpayers. No one wins if corruption exists or takes over.

Q: What steps do you think we can take to safeguard us from corruption in New Zealand?

As a society we need to talk more about corruption. We need to understand what it means. We need to be vigilant and call out corruption when we see it. There needs to be a law to require the reporting of a crime when observed, with no negative consequence for doing so.

Q: What particular corruption related issues are important to you? Why?

I have particular interest in sport and Financial Services. The latter is the economic, social and civic glue that holds a country together. This is because of the importance of a financial system to any country not only from capital and other financial requirements but the impact of a good financial system on all of society. Without a very good Financial Services system the country suffers.

Sport helps many people achieve goals and aspire belief in themselves and their country – a feel good factor. If sport is corrupt, the belief and values of a country are ruined and are hard to repair after it becomes ingrained.

Q: What TINZ initiatives will you be contributing your time and expertise to?

I am heavily involved in the development and implementation of TINZ’s Financial Integrity System Assessment (FISA) for many of the reasons I have outlined above.

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