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Diversity and inclusion creates stronger organisations

Anne Gilbert

TINZ Public Sector Project Manager

Attendees at the Leaders Integrity Forum for public sector leaders held on 7 May, returned to their offices brimming with ideas as to why and how to effectively promote and embed diversity and inclusion in their respective organisation’s daily practice.

Team diversity

Giving advice has never been more complex than it is now. Pace of change, complexity and uncertainty means no one person can confidently give complete advice. It takes a team, a diverse team. The different paradigms that a diverse and inclusive team brings to a question, leads to different answers and mitigates the risk of homogenous groups unquestioningly believing their own rhetoric.

Collaborative programme

In Peter Hughes’s (State Services Commissioner) introduction of presenter Gabriel Makhlouf (The Treasury Secretary and Chief Executive), he acknowledged his intellect, commitment and courage.  These attributes are valuable not only to lead Treasury but also in his co-leadership of Papa Pounamu. This is a collaborative programme of diversity and inclusion across the public service.

Embedding an inclusive culture of diversity is not easy.  We all carry unconscious biases and becoming aware of them is often challenging and uncomfortable but ultimately very helpful. But as Gabs said, creating a culture of diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do but more importantly, it strengthens us individually and collectively. 

For more detail, refer to the Office of the Auditor-General’s blog. 

Gabriel Makhlouf, Treasury Secretary and CE addresses LIF 7 May 19
Peter Hughes, State Services Commissioner addresses LIF 7 May 19

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