Ethical leadership: on-line course

Dr Karin Lasthuizen, Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership, Victoria University of Wellington

Leaders in today’s changing world, face pressing demands to address a multitude of global problems and achieve greater sustainability for people, the planet and future generations. This requires a more collaborative, ethical leadership approach. But what does ethical leadership really mean?

Introducing the theories and practices of ethical leadership, Ethical Leadership in a Changing World is the latest edX Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to be offered by VictoriaX – Victoria University of Wellington’s programme of free online courses.

In the country’s first-ever MOOC on the topic, this six-week course explores the theories of ethical leadership and teaches students how to become an ethical business leader.

Course content

“We focus on organisations in this course. Exploring the role of ethics in organisational decision-making, analysing the actions of leaders from an ethical perspective, and helping learners apply these ideas to their own style of leadership,” says Professor Karin Lasthuizen. She is the MOOC instructor, and Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership in the Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Management.

Drawing on case studies from New Zealand – one of the least corrupt countries in the world according to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) – the course also features recognised leaders from the country’s public, private and NGO sectors. Students will be informed about the main issues that ethical leadership should address.

“Integrity and care are core values in our business dealings here in New Zealand, and the experts who feature in this course offer their perspective on what ethical leadership means in practice,” says Professor Lasthuizen.

“Individuals, organisations and society all benefit from this approach to leadership. There’s no more important time to be thinking about ethical leadership and what it can do for our societies right now.”

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Now open for free online enrolment, Ethical Leadership in a Changing World adds to the growing VictoriaX programme of innovative MOOCs on a diversity of topics. Enrol in this course now.

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