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Ethical Leadership in a Changing World

The Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership offers you a Massive Open Online Course on Ethical Leadership in Organisations. This free and global 6-week course by Victoria University of Wellington starts on 3 July 2019.

“What does ethical leadership really mean? Discover the importance of an ethical approach, how ethical issues can be addressed, and how to become an ethical leader yourself.”


Late enrolments will be taken for the duration of the course. More details are available in the June edition of Transparency Times. 

About this course

In this era of low levels of trust, increasing cynicism, fake news and rampant uncertainty, leaders who are committed to an ethical approach have never been more important.

But what makes an ethical leader, and why is their approach so important to organisations?

This course is an introduction to the theories and practices of ethical leadership, with a focus on organisations. Drawing on New Zealand case studies — one of the least corrupt countries in the world — this course will enable you to recognise the role of ethics in organisational decision-making, analyse the actions of leaders from an ethical perspective, and learn to become a truly ethical leader yourself.

Through the voices of recognised leaders from New Zealand’s private, public and NGO sectors, you will also hear about the main issues that ethical leadership should address.

Individuals, organisations and society all benefit from ethical leadership. This course will show you how and why this value-based leadership matters to us all.

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