From the Chair

Suzanne Snively
TINZ Chair

New Zealand has a strong reputation for integrity based on international perceptions of our government, judiciary and public sector.

Later in May, Transparency International New Zealand will launch the 2018 National Integrity System (NIS) Assessment update to our landmark Integrity Plus 2013 New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment. This study examines how this reputation is supported through policy and practice in the public, private and civil society sector. It recommends further improvements for maintaining this reputation.

In June we will formally launch the New Zealand Financial Integrity System Assessment (FISA). The FISA is a survey methodology which enables New Zealannd-based financial organisations to assess their integrity systems. Strong integrity systems are an indicator of good practice around conduct and culture. Research shows that strong integrity systems are the best antidote for corruption.

The decision by banks, insurers, finance companies and kiwi saver-providers to undertake the FISA online self-assessment both supports their brands and New Zealand’s reputation for integrity.

Committing voluntarily to prevent corruption will build on this perception, while at the same time creating enhancing business productivity and viability.

All this has the potential to lead to attrct better quality capital available to New Zealand businesses at lower interest rates. Businesses can then employ more people while producing better quality goods and services, in this way improving the quality of life for all New Zealanders.

Suzanne Snively, ONZM


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