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New Zealand Non Government Organizations (NGOs)

Governance for good; developing the capability of New Zealand’s $20 billion not-for-profit sector. A report into the future of governance for New Zealand’s NGOs, produced by the Centre for Social Impact in partnership with the Superdiversity Institute for Law, Policy and Business, has identified a need for considerable investment into NGO governance capabilities.

The report looks at the future for governance of New Zealand’s 114,000 NGOs which employ around 100,000 full and part-time staff and manage a combined income of around $20 billion a year. Good governance is a subject close to the heart of all of us. We hope you find this a useful insight into current good practice in NGO governance, challenges, and opportunities for development.

Elections and Democracy

Our complacency puts Democracy under threat Standfirst: Survival of New Zealand’s democracy faces unprecedented threats over the next thirty years: (a) Risks from systemic global economic instability, (b) Major upheaval from adaptation (or not) to climate change, (c) Dislocation arising from automated and intelligent machines. Indian NewsLink

Decisions in the pipeline By Bruce Munro Otago Daily Times: Local government elections loom, raising concerns about the fitness of those elected to make good, farsighted decisions. Bruce Munro takes a look at mistakes made and asks how elected representatives can best be equipped to tackle the big issues facing the South.

Can Kiwis tell fact from fake news in the leadup to the 2020 elections? Young people are criticised for not engaging in politics but experts say adults today are less likely to be able to tell fact from fake news. Katie Kenny and Tommy Livingston report on the risks of a post-truth political landscape.

Political Roundup: Electioneering on Facebook under scrutiny Truth in the modern social media. Bryce Edwards

Unfair funding undermines diversity of electoral candidates Lack of fair funding for candidates in general elections has attracted a lot of angst over the years.

Can NZ avoid populist leaders’ divisive sloganeering? Democracy rocks. 

Elections 2019 – raising questions on integrity September 10, 2019 Press Release – Transparency International NZ on

Stopping viral misinformation in the next election will be a task for all of us. OPINION: Artful manipulation of fact is a crucial feature of modern politics. You don’t actually lie, you spin. You pick one good number out of a sea of bad ones, you assume the worst of your enemies, and work to construct carefully “true” arguments that you would never dare advance in your personal life.

New Zealand transparency, integrity and accountability

Luxury cars, cash, posh property seized in police bust Police have arrested six people and snatched up millions in assets, posh property and flash cars following a big money laundering investigation in Auckland.

Spy bosses tell MPs ban on foreign donations would not work Spy bosses have told MPs a ban on foreign donations would not work and more transparency around donations would help them do their job better.

Fighting exploitation in the New Zealand supply chain Businesses are being warned to take action against migrant worker exploitation in their supply chains – or face financial penalties and customer backlash.

National denies former trade minister Todd McClay helped facilitate $150k donation The National Party is denying allegations then-Cabinet minister Todd McClay helped facilitate a donation of $150,000 to the party in 2016 from a company owned by a Chinese billionaire.

NZ International Fraud Film Festival Announces Line-up The third NZ International Fraud Film Festival 2019 is set to touch down in Auckland this November with a line-up of films that will expose the underbelly of fraud and its impact globally and locally.

Public accountability: A matter of trust and confidence The Auditor-General’s discussion paper Public accountability: A matter of trust and confidence was presented to the House of Representatives. It includes at least 6 references to TINZ’s groundbreaking National Integrity Systems Assessment.

No place for business to hide as Kiwis demand transparency The recent issue of a dentist in trouble in the media over whether he was qualified to offer orthodontics, is a warning to all business that increasingly New Zealanders are demanding nothing less than complete brand transparency.

Insurers aim to take fraud prevention to a new level through Insurance Fraud Bureau The Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) has launched a new Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) to crack down on fraudulent activity that it estimates costs the industry as much as $614 million a year. And while it won’t have the legal power to prosecute offenders, it will give insurance providers a new channel to share data and cooperate.


Lack of transparency in public administration (PNG) Lack of transparency in public administration continues to be a problem in PNG. This is why Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) is extending its legal work.

How Australia can learn from New Zealand’s diplomacy in Fiji and the Pacific This article reflects on how current progres­sive policies are proactively shaping Pacific policy narratives and space. By Joseph Veramu, published in the Fiji Sun.

Transparency International

Three ways to stop money laundering through real estate

Transparency International New Zealand:

Elections 2019 – raising questions on integrity September 10, 2019 Press Release – Transparency International NZ on

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