International Anti-Corruption Day

Sunday 9th December is International Anti-Corruption Day.

On this day, Transparency International NZ (TINZ) wants to take the opportunity to celebrate the contribution that you make to strengthen integrity systems through transparency and to wish you all the best for the holiday season.

As we move from our daily routines to a more spiritual time with family, whanau and friends, it’s timely to refresh our commitment to the values that enhance the reputation of our country and its people.

We are known for our integrity and accountability – and those values are founded in our cultural and political history. We demonstrate them in our behavior – by building fairness and openness into the way we work, and by facing up to and learning from wrongdoing.”

Unfortunately these values can be undermined by greed, complacency and ignorance. Whilst there are strong national and international channels emerging to detect and prevent corruption, at the same time the corrupt are becoming more devious in their deception.

This is why at this time of the year we want to thank the many people who give their courage, intellect and energy to support a world in which government, politics business and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.

TINZ is one of 115 locally established independent chapters of an international movement – Transparency International, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. ‘Transparency’ means shedding light on shady deals, weak enforcement of rules and other illicit practices that undermine good governments, ethical businesses and society at large. Transparency International NZ works with central and local government, businesses and community organisations to strengthen systems that keep corruption in check.

Suzanne Snively
TINZ Chair
Julie Haggie

Have a restful and peaceful break,

Suzanne Snively, Chair

Julie Haggie, CEO

PS:  The holiday period is a good time to go online and show others the content on the TINZ continuously updated website, where amongst other things there is coverage of the presentations by public sector officials at the regular Leaders Integrity Forums co-hosted by TINZ and the Office of the Auditor General. Encourage them to sign up for our newsletter or join at

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