Member profile: David McNeill

David McNeill, TINZ Member with Delegated Authority

David has a strong background in Information Technology, currently in data centre technical services with Vodafone NZ and corporate decommissioning at Computer Recycling.

He has wide experience in small & medium business technology consulting, mainly in Auckland. He has also undertaken financial and technology audit services for Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC). He holds a BComm from Auckland University. He has a practical, grass roots approach, giving a direct view of where potentially corrupt local situations can arise.

David was a TINZ director from 2013 through 2019 and is currently a Member with Delegated Authority with focus on climate change, TINZ internal information technology systems and political party financing.

What motivated you to become involved with  TINZ?

I learned about the organisation from a work colleague interested in encouraging transparency in New Zealand. Becoming involved with TINZ is an opportunity for me to make a difference and contribute to the community.

On corruption in New Zealand

Corruption reduces the resources available to share amongst us all, while allowing the corrupt to vacuum them up. It negatively impacts our shared environment. We can safeguard against corruption in New Zealand through our attitude and our national culture of taking pride in doing the right thing.

Corruption in other countries has a very direct impact on New Zealand. It is being imported by people with cultures much more accepting of corruption. We have to consistently show New Zealanders, international visitors, and overseas partners that there is a better path.

What particular corruption related issues are important to you?

I am particularly concerned about actions or inactions that exploit the environment, leaving a less beautiful would for our grand-children.

It is critical for each of us to be firm in our sphere of influence. We can’t accede to lower standards, or allow those in power, bullies and the greedy to impose on all of us.

Regarding TINZ

We offer an important service and help minimise corruption in New Zealand by encouraging and empowering everyone to think about the issues around corruption, and inspiring them to act on it as they see fit.

One of TINZ’s primary roles is to provide thought leadership on integrity issues. It is needed for facilitating collaboration between people, shaping suitable language and discussion frameworks.

Within TINZ, I contribute my time and expertise to influencing policy when it is being formed and discussed. I back this up with careful, thoughtful analysis and deep supporting research. I also help create and maintain the infrastructure and branding that enables TINZ to communicate successfully and cohesively and to be worthy of funding

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