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New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment

Celebrating 100 Years of High Integrity Public Service While Leading Us Into The Future…

National Integrity System Assessment

  • New Zealand's public sector is perceived to be the least corrupt in the world
  • The NZ National Integrity System Assessment provides a methodology for improving the transparency of the public sector and other sectors including civil society and business
  • Having a robust national integrity system benefits business and trade thereby generating a more prosperous economy
  • Transparency International's National Integrity System Assessment template has been developed over the past decade through experience gained by applying it in a range of countries
  • The NIS evaluates key pillars of a country's governance system assessing each for internal corruption and corruption prevention capabilities
  • We will be assessing 13 pillars; several of which have multiple segments
  • Desk research will be conducted between now and the end of January, 2013
  • Consultation will be carried out in February and March of 2013 with publication of preliminary results in April 2013 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the implementation of the Public Service Act of 1912
  • The final report with recommendations will be published in June 2013
  • Implementation beginning July 2013
  • The Right Honourable Sir Anand Satyanand chairs the External Advisory Group, with the OAG's Ann Webster as the secretariat
  • TINZ Directors, Murray Petrie and Suzanne Snively, co-chair the Steering Group
  • Liz Brown, former banking ombudsman, is the project manager with several researchers
  • The Office of the Auditor General is TINZ's Platinum Partner providing resources to support the NIS
  • Other supporting organisations include the Gamma Foundation, Victoria University of Wellington School of Government, the State Services Commission, the Ministry of Social Development, the Ombudsman, Statistics New Zealand, the Serious Fraud Office, the Human Rights Commission, the Ministry of Transport, and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Bell Gully, Deloitte, KPMG and PwC
  • April 2013 will mark 100 years since implementation of the Public Service Act of 1912 which established New Zealand's modern and independent public sector
  • Two examples recently completed are the UK NIS Assessment and the Australian NIS Assessment
  • TINZ is enhancing the NIS to strongly include more consultation and more detail about the public, private and NGO sectors.
  • This assessment will extend beyond a traditional NIS approach with an active implementation phase advocating the reports recommendations
  • New Zealand’s 2013 National Integrity Study is dedicated to New Zealander Jeremy Pope, father of the NIS

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